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When it comes to taking a call on which satellite TV to go for, there are a few decisive factors to be considered. Those include Pricing, number of channels, availability of local channels, and flexibility in channels. For a comprehensive feature-wise comparison, check out the “Compare DIRECT vs. DISH” section to your right. If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.



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What’s so great about Satellite TV?

Compared to cable networks, the cost of satellite TV is nearly 50% less. Further, you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, Satellite TV is the best choice. For most, the decision between DIREC TV and DISH TV boils down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming. That’s where we can help you make the right choice.

As an industry insider, we’ve helped match folks to the right providers for over 8 years and with our exclusive partnerships with top retailers, we also bring you the best deals available, anywhere. We’re constantly updating the site with the top-ranked promos So, do check back often. Enjoy your new satellite TV!


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A solid starter package, particularly if you’re not looking for a ton of movie or sports channels.

09 Dec

How DirecTV Now Fares Against PlayStation Vue And Sling TV

Dish Network

DirecTV Now Service

There are three main streaming options for the US customers to choose from today, which includes Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and the most recent DirecTV Now streaming service from AT&T. These companies face tough competition in the market, as the users will not settle down for less. A brief comparison of these three internet TV services will help you know more on the same.

Sony PlayStation Vue

Reports say that PlayStation Vue is the most expensive among all the content streaming options, but it is the only service that offers CBS Network channels, and until recently, they were the only service that offered a cloud DVR that is capable of storing recorded content for 28 days.

The basic package of PlayStation Vue costs 29.99 dollars per month and offers more than forty-five channels, which includes Fox, Kiro7, ESPN, CNN, and TBS. There is also a 34.99 dollars a month pack from Vue, offering more than 60 channels, a 49.99 dollars per month pack that offers 90 channels, and a 64.99 dollars per month pack offering 90 channels plus Showtime and HBO (Showtime for 10.99 dollars and HBO for 15 dollars per month as add-ons).

Dish Network Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the first internet content provider services that initiated the cord-cutting trend. This service by Dish Network offers one of the cheapest streaming services when compared to PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now.

Best Cable Deals

Streaming Options Available

The starter package, Sling Orange, costs just 20 dollars per month and offers more than 30 channels; the next pack, Sling Blue, is available for 25 dollars per month and offers more than 40 channels. There is also the Sling Orange + Blue package, which costs 40 dollars and includes all channels.

Sling TV service also has add-ons, starting at five dollars per month. Add-on packages include kids, Spanish, comedy, International, and sports packs. Moreover, Sling TV offers Starz and HBO for just fifteen dollars. It is also reported that the cloud DVR program of Sling is under test and will be released soon.

AT&T DirecTV Now

AT&T is the most recent player in the online content streaming business. DirecTV Now offer many advantages like unlimited streaming on mobile with AT&T internet, and numerous channels and On-Demand content.

DirecTV Now services start at thirty-five dollars per month for the 60 plus channels offering; fifty dollars per month for 80 plus channels; sixty dollars per month for more than 100 channels; and seventy dollars per month for 120 plus channels. HBO and Cinemax are the available add-ons for five dollars each per month.

09 Dec

The Streaming Services Arena As We Know Of Today

DirecTV Select Package

Streaming Services Arena

The television business has seen many fascinating moves in the OTT video world in the recent weeks. The industry has seen the launch of AT&T’s DirecTV Now service, Netflix introducing the ability for members to download content for offline viewing, and CBS adding live NFL games to their All Access service. These moves together with many others started to unveil the key ingredients in the success recipe to take on the traditional multichannel television world.

OTT services, especially those services that provide access to “live” networks, do not offer the one-size-fits-all model of cable television. The various broadcast networks took much long before they enjoyed retransmission consent fees. From ESPN to USA or from A&E to Discovery, no matter what the programming genre is, the owner, the form of products, and business models were definite. However, it is not certain what will work for long in the OTT world and this uncertainty has led to many experimentations.

Best Internet

OTT Skinny Bundles

There are many variations in the streaming service business model. Netflix follows an all sub fee approach; Hulu follows a mix of monthly subscriber fee together with a big load of advertisements (even though they offer a paid ad-free option); and then, there are hosts of digital native multichannel networks (MCNs) that go with advertising only. These experiments also extend to the OTT products also. The differences in deal making and complexity of existing programs has led to a varying mix of live and on demand programming, distribution platforms, and user interfaces.

It is not yet time to know how all these changes will affect the industry, as the services like DirecTV Now are not fully formed. Nevertheless, experts already see ingredients that can be the foundation for creative, technical, and business success.

Many of the experts were skeptical about the OTT skinny bundles that do not offer any live programming. Live sports like NFL games and Super Bowl gets much attention, but events like the Grammys, Oscars and even MTV’s Video Music Awards take the viewers out of the on demand mindset. Even though DirecTV Now included many stations of the major network owners to their service, they have acknowledged that there are still many spots to fill.

08 Dec

AT&T Thrilled With The Early Demand For DirecTV Now

Cheap Cable

Demand For DirecTV Now

AT&T launched their latest streaming service, DirecTV Now, a few days ago. The major telecom company had earlier promised that the new streaming platform would deliver contents without any lags or technical errors. However, customers experienced a few technical errors during the launch of DirecTV Now and it raised concerns among certain analysts and subscribers. Nevertheless, AT&T recently stated that they are thrilled and happy due to the initial interest shown by subscribers towards DirecTV Now.

In a recent conference, AT&T’s CEO and president, Randall Stephenson, said that, “The early demand has been rather dramatic we’ve been pleased with it.” He also added that the CEO of AT&T Entertainment Group, John Stankey, informed him that the company has already met their target for December subscribers on the launching day of DirecTV Now.

He said that the demand is “exceeding expectations”, particularly in the apartment buildings. In addition to that, Stephenson also stated that he was highly pleased with the addition of Cinemax and HBO, which will be available to the subscribers at an additional price of $5 a month.


DirecTV Now Service

Stephenson added that AT&T is “perfectly content” with “lower, thinner margins.” He said, “Early on, I do expect the margins to be fairly thin.” AT&T officials have also claimed that approximately half of DirecTV subscribers will stream a few of their content by the end of this year.

“The advertising opportunity here we think is rather significant,” Stephenson said. He continued by stating that one of the top priorities of the company next year is to “really begin to scale those advertising models” for DirecTV Now. Reports say that the company is also hoping to pair their offerings such as wireless and DirecTV or broadband and wireless.

Stephen added that when this happens, “churn goes down precipitously” referring to the customers, who do not review their services. “We have high expectations for churn reduction in this environment,” Stephenson said. He also added that the latest streaming platform is “a 5G service being launched on a 4G network.”

Stephenson hopes that the launch of these new products will boost the efforts to bring 5G, but he refused to shed more light on AT&T’s merger with Time Warner during the conference. “We do not compete. This is a classic vertical merger,” AT&T CEO commented.

08 Dec

Experts Say That DirecTV Now Is Almost The Streaming Service Of Your Dreams

DirecTV Packages

Streaming Service Of Your Dreams

Many of us genuinely wish to cut the cord, as we think that we pay too much for TV packages that are full of channels that we do not watch. Users are particularly not happy paying more than a hundred dollars a month for TV programming and they will obviously explore the alternatives.

Most users who are considering cord cutting may have come across the various streaming services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. These services offer bundles of television channels that stream over the internet and the best part is that users can stream the programs on whatever device they like. In that line, AT&T recently introduced their streaming service called DirecTV Now, and like many other streaming services, DirecTV Now also offer many tiers of service.

Best Cable Deals

Live A Little Package

The channel bundles on DirecTV Now run from 35 dollars for 60 plus channels to 70 dollars for 100 plus channels. Users also have the option to add Cinemax or HBO channels, each for an extra of five dollars a month. In addition to that, as a promotional offer, the Go Big package, which costs 60 dollars per month and offer 100 plus channels, is offered for just 35 dollars a month.

AT&T says that the 35 dollars price will be in place as long as the users have an active subscription to the service, but they also said that the offer for the Go Big package would be available only for a limited time. Besides, the base pack called Live a Little, which costs thirty-five dollars, includes most of the popular channels together with ESPN, Disney, and Fox Sports 1.

Local programming and channels are available in the select markets of DirecTV Now, where the service networks own the stations. In Dallas Fort Worth, NBC5 and Fox4 are available, although NBC 5 channel is not available on streaming boxes like Apple TV; but the channel is available on smartphones and web browsers.

KTVT (CBS channel 11) and WFAA (ABC channel 8) are not available in the DirecTV Now channel list, as different media firms own these channels. Moreover, PBS programming is also not available right now.

07 Dec

DirecTV Now Offers Most Of Your Regional Sports Networks


Regional Sports Networks

One of the major challenges faced by customer who wanted to cancel their cable/satellite service and shift to online streaming services was that most of the streaming providers offered comparatively less sports content. However, most of the providers are planning to launch regional sports networks, which broadcast the games that feature local basketball, baseball, and ice hockey teams.

The latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, already holds the rights of most of the US-based MLB, NHL, and NBA teams in the local markets. Yet it is significant to note that DirecTV Now doesn’t hold the rights to the all three leagues in certain cities.

For instance, DirecTV Now subscribers in the Chicago area can watch the games that feature teams such as Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs, whereas DirecTV Now subscribers in the Philadelphia area will not be able to access the regional sports channel which airs the games of Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers.

Similarly, DirecTV subscribers in New York can watch the games that feature teams like Yankees and the Nets, but they will miss out the matches of Yankees and the Knicks. In addition to that, these subscribers will not be able to access the matches of New York based hockey teams either.

Cheapest Cable TV

Latest Streaming Service

However, DirecTV Now subscribers in Boston will be able to access the matches of Celtics through the Comcast SportsNet New England, but they will miss the games that feature Bruins or Red Sox. This is because DirecTV Now doesn’t hold the rights to air the contents offered by the New England Sports Network.

Reports say that these limitations exist because AT&T has failed to strike deals with some of the regional sports networks. Officials from the company have stated that DirecTV Now will add more networks and teams to their offerings in the future. However, AT&T will have to agree on the price with the other programmers in order for this to happen.

DirecTV Now subscribers can still rejoice because the streaming provider has most of the US-based teams in all three leagues, which are covered in the local markets. The regional sports networks included in DirecTV Now platform covers 19 out of the total 29 US-based MLB teams. In addition to that, DirecTV Now has 22 of 29 US-based teams in NBA, and 15 of 23 US-based ice hockey teams.

06 Dec

Cricket Wireless Joins Hands With DirecTV Now

DirecTV Family Package

Latest Streaming Service

One of the popular prepaid wireless service providers in the country, Cricket Wireless, has just launched the latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now. However, this decision from the prepaid wireless provider was expected, as AT&T currently owns the company.

AT&T hopes that the launch of DirecTV Now in Cricket Wireless will draw in more subscribers to the latest streaming service. Nevertheless, reports indicate that there will be a major difference on how DirecTV Now would work on Cricket Wireless and how it would on AT&T internet service.

Cricket Wireless will not be zero-rating the streaming of DirecTV Now. This means that customers will be charged for the service they use. However, AT&T had earlier announced that they would be zero-rating DirecTV Now on AT&T internet network.

Net neutrality supporters severally criticized this decision from the Telco, and AT&T is currently under FCC investigation due to this practice. Yet again, AT&T responded to this criticism by stating that their sponsored zero-rating program is a lot beneficial to subscribers and it is also available to all other third parties.

Cheapest Cable TV

Streaming Service From AT&T

Reports say that the promotional incentives, subscription plans, and pricing details offered are exactly the same on both Cricket Wireless and AT&T. But if you are customer, who is planning to stream DirecTV Now through Cricket Wireless, then it is wiser to opt for the “Unlimited” plan, as you will be charged for the data you use. The wireless provider also added that it is best to stream the contents of DirecTV Now over a Wi-Fi connection rather than using your data plan.

The Cricket Wi-Fi app in the Cricket Wireless is an exceptional tool, which helps you to easily discover the Wi-Fi hotspots around your location. Cricket Wireless has also decided to offer the “Go Big” package from DirecTV Now at just $35 a month for a limited period. The normal price customers have to pay for this package after the expiry of limited period is $60 per month.

Four packages are being offered by DirecTV Now to subscribers at present. The basic package offered by the streaming service offers approximately 60 popular channels at an affordable price of $35 per month. The most expensive package from DirecTV costs $70 a month, but it does offer 120 popular channels to subscribers.

06 Dec

Troubleshooting Picture And Sound Issues In Dish Network

Dish Network Packages

No Signal On TV

Like any satellite TV network, Dish Network services can also encounter errors and issues. Some of the basic troubleshooting steps that you can try before contacting Dish Network support when there are issues with picture and sound quality are explained below. Follow these steps carefully to fix simple issues with video reception with your Dish set top box.

No Signal, Snowy or Blue Screen

In this situation, the TV will show a blue, back, or snowy screen or the message “No Signal” will be displayed on the TV screen. This issue typically occurs when the television set is on the wrong input or when the cables are incorrectly connected. You can resolve the issue easily by following the steps below.

  1. Check If The Green Light On Your Dish Receiver Is Steady

Check if the green light on the front side of the Dish receiver is on. If there is no green light, you will need to turn off the device by pressing on the power button on the front of the device. If the light is not turning on or if it is blinking, you will need to fix issues with the power connection of the receiver.

  1. Power On The Television

If the TV screen is black, make user that the power supply to the television set is working. Also, if you are using any audio receivers connected between the television and Dish receiver, make sure to turn it on.

  1. Check The Connection From Dish Receiver To TV

Cable Providers

Picture And Sound Issues

Find the cable connecting the Dish receiver to your television set and ensure that all the connections are secure. If any other device is connected in between the receiver and TV, ensure that those connections are also secure.

  1. Change TV Input

This issue can happen when the input of the TV is changed to a different one. On the original remote of the TV, find the “Input” button (may also be labeled “Source”) and press on it repeatedly. Make sure that you pause for 2 seconds between the presses to know whether you have reached the correct source for the Dish receiver.

  1. Reset Dish Receiver

To reset the Dish receiver, unplug the power cord of the receiver, wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back again. The reset may take about five minutes to finish. After waiting for five minutes, check if the issue is resolved. If not, contact Dish Network support for technical assistance.

05 Dec

AT&T Launches DirecTV Now Without Adding Contents From CBS

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Now Launch

AT&T, one of the leading telecom industries in the country, recently launched their online streaming service called DirecTV Now. This steaming platform is well equipped with an excellent channel lineup, which includes channels such as Fox, ABC, HBO, Scripps Networks, Discovery, NBCUniversal, and many more.

However, AT&T has failed to add one of the most popular networks, CBS, to their DirecTV Now offerings. The decision to let CBS down from the channel lineup has raised great concern among critics and viewers. This means that DirecTV Now subscribers will not be able to access the CBS Network. Many critics seriously doubt that the absence of this network might affect the success of the streaming service.

Reports from several sources indicate that AT&T is still trying to reach a settlement with CBS. However, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has decided not to enter into any settlement with AT&T, unless the provider comes up with a much more competitive offer. Neil Macker, an analyst at Morningstar says that, “They (CBS) are flexing their muscles here. They may just be trying to step back and see how the service does before they jump in.”

Cheapest Cable

No CBS Channel

It is evident that DirecTV Now will have to face serious challenge from other steaming service providers such as Sony’s PlayStation Vue and Dish Network’s Sling TV. In addition to that, many other major companies are also planning to launch their own streaming service by the year 2017, which means that the market would grow even more tensed.

Currently, PlayStation Vue is the only streaming service that offers CBS content to their subscribers, although this service is available only in limited areas. CBS is the nation’s most watched network and it holds an approximate 1.46 million-viewer advantage over the second most watched network. The basic package offered by DirecTV Now includes all other major networks other than CBS, but the absence of this chancel can certainly affect the success of the streaming service.

“We find it slightly ironic that CBS is often touted by many as the must-have network for any successful MVPD but that it has been included in zero of three to date,” analysts from Pacific Crest noted. “Despite this anomaly, we generally agree that CBS is a key network for any service that hopes to achieve meaningful scale, and we expect that it will be added sooner rather than later.”

05 Dec

Fixing Dish Satellite Signal Reception Problems

Dish Network Channels

Signal Reception

Satellite TV users may encounter many problems with signal reception. Although issues in signal reception can be caused due to a number of reasons, some of the common causes of Dish Network signal disruption are explained below.

You should understand that when the error (015, 002) is displayed on the screen, it denotes a partial or complete satellite signal loss. The error (015, 002) is caused mainly due to damaged cables, malfunctioning equipment, misaligned antenna, weather problems, or major changes in home like new carpeting, new roof, etc. To fix issues in signal reception you should check all the things that are explained below.

Have You Relocated Your Satellite Dish Recently?

Modern satellite dishes need fine-tuning and a trained professional can best do it. If you have relocated the Dish satellite, then you will need to contact Dish Network support to align the antenna.

Are You Experiencing Bad Weather Conditions?

Severe weather can lead to temporary interruption of service, as signals from the satellite will not be able to reach the dish due to dense cloud. If bad weather is causing the interruption, you will need to wait for the weather to clear. If you have a Hopper 3 DVR, you will be able to watch existing recordings stored in it, and if you have an internet connection, you can even watch On Demand content without any interruptions.

Is Any Object Blocking The Dish?

Cheap Cable

Dish Satellite TV

Check your dish to make sure that it has a clear view. If any object like a tree branch or snow build up is blocking the dish’s view of the sky, the satellite signal can be interfered. If it is safe, you should remove the obstructions to solve issues in signal reception.

Reset Dish Receiver

You may also reset the Dish Network receiver to fix issues in signal reception. To reset your Dish receiver, unplug the power cord from electrical outlet and wait for about ten seconds. After that, plug in the cord. It may take about five minutes for the reset process to finish.

Check Cables From Receiver To Wall

Ensure that the satellite cable connections at the back of the Dish receiver and wall socket are okay. If you have a Joey and Hopper system, you will need to check the satellite cable at back of the Hopper device.

These are some of the things, which you can try at times of Dish signal disruption. If none of the above steps work, you will need to contact Dish Network support for technical assistance.

01 Dec

The Most Attractive Package Of DirecTV Now Will Be A Money Loser For AT&T

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Now Packages

AT&T is prepared to shake up the pay TV business by launching DirecTV Now service. Analysts say that the aggressive pricing of AT&T’s internet streaming service could steal customers away from OTT rivals like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue and cable TV networks.

DirecTV Now service is designed to make the process of buying a mobile oriented TV, much fast and cheap than traditional satellite TV or cable TV services. There are no contracts, no installation or credit checks to get the service. However, analysts believe that the most popular bundle from DirecTV Now will the one with lowest margin.

The entry-level “Live a Little” bundle in DirecTV Now offers 60+ channels in a pricing of 35 dollars a month. At this price point, AT&T will lose money when the costs of subscriber acquisitions are taken into account. Besides that, AT&T is also offering free Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV devices as incentives when users prepay for the service for 3 months or more. These costs together with customer service and support expenses might make the “Live a Little” bundle non-profitable for AT&T.

As per the per channel fee estimates by SNL Kagan, baseline bundle programming will cost thirty dollars a month. This means that the starter packages from DirecTV Now will have a negative operating margin. “Put simply, they aren’t going to make any money (on the base package),” Analysts Moffett and Nathanson said. “We don’t expect DirecTV Now to be such a runaway hit that it wrecks the market as we know it. But it would be a mistake to dismiss it as a non-event at its new pricing. It is still dangerous… both to the ecosystem and, most of all, to AT&T itself.”

Cheapest Cable TV

AT&T Streaming Service

The pricing structure of DirecTV Now reinforces the statement that the primary purpose of AT&T with the OTT product is to use it as a boost to their wireless business, as their wireless business has not shown much growth in the past quarters. AT&T’s plan is to make it attractive to buy both the services, because wireless customers of AT&T will have DirecTV Now streaming excluded from data caps.

Experts believe that AT&T will lose money with their special introductory offer of hundred channels for 35 dollars, even though they have not specified how long this promotional pricing will be available. Some even say that at pricing of 35 dollars, the package will have a negative operating margin of more than 7%.

“If the base $35 bundle is compelling enough, it could be quite attractive for consumers relative to the enhanced basic packs, which are at the heart of the churn-reduction strategy at companies like Charter, especially when combined with unlimited wireless data and no monthly set-top box costs,” Barclays analyst Kannan Venkateshwar wrote.