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When it comes to taking a call on which satellite TV to go for, there are a few decisive factors to be considered. Those include Pricing, number of channels, availability of local channels, and flexibility in channels. For a comprehensive feature-wise comparison, check out the “Compare DIRECT vs. DISH” section to your right. If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.



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Compared to cable networks, the cost of satellite TV is nearly 50% less. Further, you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, Satellite TV is the best choice. For most, the decision between DIREC TV and DISH TV boils down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming. That’s where we can help you make the right choice.

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16 Jan

Sling CEO Severely Criticizes DirecTV Now For Streaming Glitches

Dish Network
Dish Network

Sling TV Vs DirecTV Now

The CEO of Dish Network’s Sling TV, Roger Lynch severely criticized the latest online streaming platform from AT&T, DirecTV Now, through his social media profile. DirecTV Now had suffered a number of technical issues since its launch and some subscribers were deeply concerned about the bad reception. Some of the DirecTV customers even showed their frustrations and disappointment through social media platforms.

Interestingly, Sling CEO issued a series of tweets in which he highlighted the streaming errors and glitches of DirecTV Now. Lynch tweeted: “You should add @directvnow to that list of things to stay away from!” This tweet was actually a response to DirecTV Now’s tweet, where the provider asked their customers to stay away from the masks, woods, and cabins featured in the Friday the 13th movies.

Sling CEO even added, “Try @Sling instead!” One user responded to the tweet from Lynch and said, “@RogerLynch tried the 1 wk w/ @directvnow I have to stay w/ @Sling Better reception better service.” Lynch responded back to the user and thanked him for preferring Sling TV to DirecTV Now.

On the other hand, one of the top executives from AT&T stated that the launch of DirecTV Now has actually been a lot better than what they initially expected. AT&T Entertainment’s CTO and the executive in charge of the technical aspects of DirecTV Now, Enrique Rodriguez said, “Absolutely there were problems the problems were not as big as I expected. I’m so proud of the quality we delivered.”

Dish Network Channels

DirecTV Now Issues

It is to be noted that DirecTV Now is not the only streaming service that faced numerous technical issues and other streaming problems during the launch. Even Sling TV suffered numerous high-profile streaming issues in the first few months after its launch.

Sling TV customers had earlier reported that they experienced serious streaming issues during the broadcast of a premiere episode from the popular TV show, The Walking Dead. Sling TV users even complained against this on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, and Sling TV support staff individually apologized to over 100 users for the inconvenience.

No matter what, streaming services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now has opened numerous options to the viewers and they are the best choice for cord cutters. These services are a lot cheaper when compared to all other traditional cable TV services, and even these small glitches do not discount their freedom of use.

13 Jan

DirecTV Plans To Drop The Contents Of CW And KIFI Stations

DirecTV Family Package
DirecTV Family Package

CW And KIFI Stations

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that DirecTV is planning to drop both the CW and KIFI stations from their channel lineup. Reports claim that the cable TV service provider has already informed these stations about a potential blackout of their channels.

Both KIFI and the CW were trying to negotiate a long-term retransmission consent agreement with the DirecTV for the last few weeks. This was to ensure that the contents offered by these stations would not be blacked out on any of the DirecTV packages. However, the officials from both the stations claim that DirecTV has refused to pay a fair value to the programs offered by the stations.

If rumors were true, this means that DirecTV subscribers will not be able to access the top rated programming from both western Wyoming and eastern Idaho stations. These programming include local news, network news, sports programming, and a lot more entertainment programs.

Reports indicate that both the CW and KIFI has extended their current retransmission consent agreement with DirecTV for about eight times in order to strike a new deal with the cable service provider. Unfortunately, the negotiations between the parties have not yet been successful.


Dropping TV Channels

The general manger of NPG of Idaho, Monte Young said, “We first presented DIRECTV with an offer for a new long-term agreement on September 6, 2016. For several months, we negotiated with DIRECTV and over that time, it became apparent that DIRECTV refuses to pay a fair value for our programming. KIFI and the CW provide the highest rated Programming on DIRECTV’s system.”

“We offer the top rated local news relevant to DIRECTV’s eastern Idaho and western Wyoming subscribers. We also are the primary source for ABC and CW network programming,” Young added. “Yet, despite all of that, DIRECTV refuses to pay a fee that is approximately one-fifth of what it pays for channels like ESPN, which has a fraction of our ratings. I am shocked that DIRECTV sees almost no value in the top rated local news in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming.”

On the other hand, subscribers of Dish Network, Charter Communications, and Cable One will be able to access the contents of both the CW and KIFI. “We have reached long term agreements with every other major cable and satellite distributor,” Young said. He also indicated that negotiations between DirecTV and the local stations are going on, and hopes are still high.

13 Jan

AT&T Chief Meets Donald Trump


Randall Stephenson

The proposed merger of AT&T with Time Warner has remained the top priority for Thursday’s meeting between the President-elect Donald Trump and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. However, the meeting ended without any discussion on the company’s proposed merger.

The telecom company released a statement after the conclusion of the meeting saying, “Mr. Stephenson had a very good meeting with President-Elect Trump earlier today covering a wide-range of topics. AT&T’s proposed merger with Time Warner was not a topic of discussion.”

Meanwhile, the statement also contained remarks on other aspects that the company could excel by working with the Trump Administration. It said, “The conversation focused on how AT&T can work with the Trump administration to increase investment in the U.S., stimulate job creation in America, and make American companies more competitive globally.”

Experts believe that successful implementation of this is possible, as AT&T has a record in capital spending, which surpassed Verizon’s $16.5 billion spending with its $18.7 billion in 2015. This has also earned AT&T a top position in the Progressive Policy Institute’s list of investment heroes in the US.

It is to be noted that AT&T’s proposed $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner got a lot of criticism from Trump during his early campaign. He feared that it would give immense power to the company and rejected the notion completely. This issue was also raised in the Senate hearing last month that showed how AT&T could opt for favoring of its own content like CNN, HBO, and Warner Bros.

DirecTV Packages

Donald Trump

Insiders say that Trump’s severing relation with CNN has also played a role in delaying the merger between the two companies. The news organization has taken intense scorn from the President-elect, particularly on the recent allegations levied against Trump regarding his election victory attributed to external elements.

Recent accusations by Washington on the Russian tampering of the elections also caught the attention of the media for a while. The intelligence agencies also warned that Russian operatives might have compromising personal and financial information about Trump. However, the President-elect made it a fake news by refusing to answer the queries from the CNN channel’s anchor Jim Acosta.

As for AT&T, the Telco is the largest internet and cable provider in the US with almost 25.3 million subscribers, and has dominated the business for quite some time now. All the reputation of AT&T still offers some amount of optimism regarding the deal.

12 Jan

Sling TV Shares Details On Their Broadcast Network Reach

Dish Network Channel List
Dish Network Channel List

Sling TV Reach

The program rights access and regional availability of a number of major broadcast networks on online streaming services are still a mystery to many viewers. However, Dish Network’s online streaming platform, Sling TV recently responded to a query that asked where the Big Four networks Sling TV carries could be seen.

In a statement, officials from Sling TV confirmed that NBC and FOX Networks will be available only to the subscribers, who are currently under the newer Sling Blue platform. They also added that the live feeds of almost all local stations are limited to the markets, where the networks have operated and owned stations. This means that Sling TV viewers in other markets would be able to access the contents offered by these networks only as On-Demand.

Sling TV subscribers who wish to access the contents of ABC Network would have to purchase the “Broadcast Extra” package. This package is available at just $5 per month and it includes both UniMas and Univision channels. The live feed of local ABC channels are limited to O&O markets though.

Furthermore, the On-Demand availability of these channels is also not available in all the other markets. Some of the ABC markets include North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham, California, Fresno-Visalia, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Dish Network

Online Streaming Service

On the other hand, Sling TV subscribers currently under the Sling Blue package will be able to watch the live local feeds of FOX in Florida, Gainesville, Texas, Austin, North Carolina, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington D.C, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Orlando. However, the live viewing of NBC on Sling Blue will be confined to Hartford/New Haven, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, D.C, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Many other streaming service providers, including AT&T, have not yet shared any information about the reach of their broadcast network agreements. However, reports from several sources indicate that AT&T is planning to give some insight into these details in a few weeks. Sling TV has reportedly noted that their service should not be considered as a replacement for traditional pay TV, but their advertisements deliver a different message.

12 Jan

FCC Concludes That Free Data For DirecTV Now Violates Net Neutrality

DirecTV Select Package
DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Now

The open internet rule of 2015 (commonly called as Net Neutrality) was much controversial and is probably going to be rolled back or ignored under the administration of Donald Trump. With just few days left for the existing FCC leadership, they have decided to conclude that the decision of AT&T not to charge their wireless users for accessing DirecTV Now streaming is probably against regulations and may harm consumers and competition.

The Net Neutrality rule does not take a fixed position in the case of “zero rated” or sponsored programs in which someone other than the end user pay for some of the data that is consumed by the user every month. FCC has acknowledged that there can be pro-consumer benefits for some of the programs and so they have decided to have a case-by-case approach in finding out if a specific zero rated offering comply with the neutrality regulations.

Previously, the head of Wireless Bureau of FCC sent letters to Verizon and AT&T to express his concerns on Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360 sponsored data program and DirecTV Now services. The FreeBee Data 360 program from Verizon allows content businesses to pay for some of the wireless that is consumed by the users on the Verizon network.

As per the recent reports from FCC, AT&T offered no new information to support their claims that they offer zero-rated data to third parties at the same rate that they charge DirecTV. In December, FCC had pointed out that there is a difference between money paid by the third party providers and the money that is just transferred from one asset of AT&T to another, even though the amounts are same.

Cable Providers

Open Internet Rule

“Unaffiliated mobile video service providers must pay a significant, clearly identifiable amount of money for the sponsored data needed to offer streaming video programming to AT&T Mobility’s subscribers on a zero-rated basis,” reads the report.

“By comparison to AT&T, which need not incur a comparable out-of-pocket expenditure to offer DIRECTV Now on a zero-rated basis. Rather, any imputed ‘charges’ that DIRECTV ‘pays’ AT&T Mobility for sponsored data, even if formally recorded on the corporate books as internal transfer payments, would result in no net expenditure at the holding company level,” FCC added.

The wireless bureau concludes from the information that they got from AT&T that, “Such arrangements likely obstruct competition for video programming services delivered over mobile Internet platforms and harm consumers by inhibiting unaffiliated edge providers’ ability to provide such service to AT&T’s wireless subscribers.”

11 Jan

Dish To Serve Multi-Room Audio Powered By DTS Play-Fi

Cable Providers

Multi-Room Audio

In this technological era, there are many ways by which we can wirelessly stream music from one room to the other. One of the ways is the DTS Play-Fi, which stands out from the other methods, as it allow users to make use of a variety of products from different manufacturers. DTS has now announced a new list of partners who will be joining soon.

The company has now decided to add many products to the DTS Play-Fi family. DTS Play-Fi makes use of the existing Wi-Fi set up of your home to stream music from tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops to different devices in the house. The best part is that you can make the whole house system with any device in the DTS Play-Fi ecosystem. This means that you can have the Definitive Technology Wireless Music System in a room and the Integra DLB-5 in some other room in your house, and have both of the devices on the same wireless network for music.

The current DTS Play-Fi lineup include more than thirty speakers that are interoperable, soundbars, as well as receivers from firms like Anthem, Aerix, Autonomic, Arcam, Definitive Technology, Klipsch, Fusion Research, MartinLogan, Integra, McIntosh, Paradigm, Onkyo, Pioneer, Phorus, Polk Audio, Wren Sound Systems, and Sonus faber.

Dish Network Packages

DTS Play-Fi Family

The company is planning to add many more products to the list, including the Dish Hopper 3 and Joey. It is reported that both Hopper 3 and Joey set top boxes will get a new software update soon, which will allow users to stream synchronized music throughout the house to the wireless connected speakers. Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra will also release similar updates soon.

Multiroom audio is becoming a major feature in many of the audio products now. Dish Network has officially announced that they will add DTS Play-Fi to some of their devices. “The Hopper is capable of serving as a household’s comprehensive entertainment hub,” Niraj Desai, Dish vice president of product management, said in a statement. “Incorporating DTS Play-Fi technology into our offerings provides DISH customers with a premium whole-home music streaming option, in addition to the television experience they already love, at no additional cost.”

At the heart of this functionality from Dish Network is the Dish Music app. The app not only offer control over the Dish hardware, but also add compatible DTS Play-Fi speakers to the audio setup.

11 Jan

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting Seek Help From Viewers To Prevent DirecTV Blackout

Best Cable Deals

DirecTV Blackout

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting is one of the largest local station groups in the United States and they are currently on the verge of a potential blackout on AT&T’s DirecTV. The station group currently urged their viewers to “help us spread the word about DirecTV’s latest war against viewers”. This request from the local station is in order to prevent the blackout of their channels on DirecTV Now.

According to their webpage: “Unfortunately, consumers can be held hostage if a powerful cable or satellite company refuses to reach a fair deal with a local station.” The webpage also had a banner saying, “Save My Local Station”. The group also noted, “It is simply unfair to you. After all, you pay your cable bill in-full each month why should your cable company get to provide you less than a full slate of channels you pay your hard earned money for.”

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting group owns a number of stations in small markets such as California, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Idaho, Texas, Oregon, Missouri, and Colorado. The local station is also offering the contact information of DirecTV to their viewers and they even urged them to post their beefs with the cable service provider on social media platforms.

DirecTV Packages

Save My Local Station

In addition to that, the station group also explained about the retransmission consent agreements between them and DirecTV on their official website. They also asked the customers to support the stations group in their dispute against the pay TV provider.

“It’s true that at the end of the day, this is a business negotiation between two companies,” officials from News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting said. “It is our preference that our viewers never have to get involved. But when cable companies refuse to reach fair deals with local TV stations it threatens the entire community.”

“We’re family-owned News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting. For over 100 years, our company’s first priority has been to you, our viewers. We value honesty and community, and we promise to stand up for fairness for you… and for us,” they further added.

“Too often viewers get caught in the middle of these negotiations and too often you don’t get the truth. You know that’s not how we do business,” News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting said. However, reports from several sources indicate that negotiations between the two parties are still going on.

10 Jan

DirecTV Drops Eight Television Stations In The Coachella Valley


DirecTV Packages

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that DirecTV recently decided to stop carrying approximately eight television stations in the Coachella Valley. This means that DirecTV subscribers in this region will no longer be able to access the channels offered by these stations. The blackout of these channels is because the renegotiations over carriage agreements between the provider and the stations didn’t end well.

KESQ and the News-Press and Gazette Company recently announced that DirecTV subscribers will not be able to access KESQ-AM, KUNA-FM, Deserts News Now, KCWQ (CW), CBS Local 2, KUNA (Telemundo), KDFX (FOX), and KESQ (ABC) from January 10. The existing contract between these stations and the provider will end on the same date.

The general manger at KSEQ, Mike Stutz said, “Our agreement comes to an end at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon. I can tell you we’re continuing to negotiate in good faith, we’re hopeful we’ll get this resolved before there’s any disruption in service.”

Cable TV providers such as DirecTV usually pay an amount as fees to these stations in order to broadcast their contents. The expiry of the contract between the two parties means that the provider will have to strike a new deal in order to continue offering the channels offered by the stations to their subscribers.

Best Cable Deals

Dropping Television Stations

In this scenario, both the parties have miserably failed to renegotiate the carrier agreements between them, which means that the provider would be able to remove these channels from air. The parent company of KESQ owns Gulf Broadcasting Company, the company that operates affiliated channels such as KUNA (Telemundo) and CBS Local 2.

In a recent statement, NPG Co. noted, “Unfortunately, consumers can be held hostage if a powerful cable or satellite company refuses to reach a fair deal with a local station. In those cases, a local station can be ‘blacked out’ on a cable system. As a result, viewers like you can miss out on programming you love like NFL and NCAA football, primetime network programs, high profile programs like the Academy Awards and your local news.”

On the other hand, a DirecTV representative responded by stating that “News-Press & Gazette has suspended its stations briefly from our customers and threatened others before, so we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this matter quickly and reasonably.”

10 Jan

Details Of Sling TV’s AirTV Set Top Box

Dish Network

AirTV Set Top Box

It seems that someone unwrapped their CES gifts before Christmas. Sling TV from Dish Network was prepared to make a splash in CES with their latest AirTV set top box. This set top box combines Sling content and free over-the-air (OTA) channels in a single program guide, but then they accidentally shared the information before time. The information was uncovered on 20 December and there were wide reporting about the AirTV set top box.

The release date was fixed on Jan. 3, but the product did not get the CES buzz Sling was expecting. With Mohu and Tablo releasing devices with similar capabilities, this has become the year of set top boxes that are capable of merging OTT and OTA.

With its soft rubbery feel and white and blue styling, the AirTV set top box is aimed at households that use Sling TV, OTA channels, and Netflix. AirTV STB is available for 99 dollars a month, but that will provide access to only streaming content. If you need to get OTA channels, you will need to buy the box together with an antenna adapter, which is sold separately in a bundle for 129 dollars and then pair the adapter with a digital antenna that can be bought separately.

Cheapest Cable

Sling TV Content

It is reported that Sling would offer installation of the antenna for a small price in some of their service areas. The AirTV set top box is built on Android and is capable of running Android apps.

The remote for AirTV is designed by Universal Electronics and they have showed the remote at their CES booth. This remote has a big blue button to call up Sling TV and features dedicated buttons for Google and Netflix. The remote aims at offering simplicity and it does not have any Mode or Input button. If your kids leave the television switched to a game, you just need to press on the Sling button on the remote to set the TV to the HDMI port for streaming content.

The on-screen guide will show Sling TV channels, over the air channels, and show movies from Netflix, queued in a single location. This will help users save the bother of switching between screens. The AirTV set top box is also capable of streaming 4K video, and it could be a real winner for cord cutters who are tired of tuning over the air channels.

09 Jan

T-Mobile CEO Predicts About Dish Network In CES Media Event


T-Mobile CEO

T-Mobile CEO John Legere predicted at the CES event that Dish Network would not be Dish anymore by the end of 2017. He shared his opinion with the crowd gathered at the press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Rumors for years that (Dish is) getting into wireless, it’s a declining TV business and it has a big pile of spectrum. This is going to run its course in 2017,” Legere said to the audience. “By the end of 2017, Dish will not be a standalone entity. So dealer, next hand of cards. Charlie, thanks for playing.”

Interestingly, neither Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen nor Dish representatives commented on this opinion. Legere also shared that T-Mobile has added 8.2 million new users in 2016, and said that this is the third time that T-Mobile has hit the 8 million-plus mark.

“You know why we were fourth? Because there’s only four (mobile services),” Legere added. He prefaced his 2017 predictions saying that some of them are serious and some are not so serious. He also predicted that T-Mobile would be the first service provider to offer 1Gbps LTE wireless service. Legere also got cautious laughs from the audience when he made the prediction of a possible union between Verizon and Comcast into “Comizon” or “Vericast.”

Cable Providers

T-Mobile Predictions

The predictions were made after T-Mobile’s latest “Uncarrier” updates. These updates have revolutionized the way people pay for getting mobile services. From Jan 22, T-Mobile will offer only one plan for its subscribers, which is the T-MobileOne. The monthly charges for the plan is 70 dollars for the first line. Users can add a second line for 50 dollars, and the third and fourth lines can be added for 20 dollars each. This means that a family of four can have the plan for 40 dollars a month when using all the four lines.

The 40 dollars price includes fees, taxes, and other charges, as long as the user is on an auto-pay plan. In addition to that, T-Mobile will refund 10 dollars a month for each of the line that has not used at least 2 Gigabytes of internet.

Dish Network has struggled much and has lost many satellite TV customers last year. However, it has to be noted that Sling TV service from Dish has grown to one million plus users. T-Mobile also offers an online video streaming package known as Binge On, which provides unlimited content without eating into the data plans of the user.