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01 Jun

AT&T® Collaborates With California Institute Of Technology To Develop Quantum Networking

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Developing Quantum Networking

AT&T’s Foundry Innovation Center, the company’s technological development wing, has proposed a new collaboration with the California Institute of Technology for developing quantum-networking technologies. Both the institutions have come up together to form the Alliance of Quantum Technologies (AQT) that aims to bring together various industries, government, and the academic community for developing quantum technology and its practical applications.

Reports say that this new collaboration will also consist of a new research and development initiative known as Intelligent Quantum Networks and Technologies (INQNET). Its sole focus is for developing the necessary security and capacity for future quantum networking technologies.

Quantum networking represents the future of computing and internet communications that will bring forth innovations such as super fast and secure internet networks. AT&T®, which is the fastest internet provider in the US, will also aid in carrying out trials and testing for such technologies for many commercial applications.

Quantum computers will eliminate all the existing physical hardware peripherals like keyboard, mouse, etc., and instead, come up with more advanced solutions. This includes the use of cryogenic technology for cooling, laser optics, improved solid state, and atomic devices.

Igal Elbaz, vice president of ecosystem and innovation at AT&T®, said that, “Quantum computing and networking holds the potential to radically transform how we connect as a society. It will make the impossible possible, as the internet once did. The AT&T® Foundry was founded to advance new products and services through innovation and collaboration. It’s the ideal place for this work as quantum technologies become a rapidly developing field in industrial research.”

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Intelligent Quantum Networks and Technologies

By using quantum-networking technologies, AT&T® aims at connecting quantum computers and devices through ultra fast and highly secure networks that enable best internet speeds throughout the country. The principles of this new technology involve the application of some of the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics for the purpose of data processing and transfer.

AT&T® has indicated that such technologies require extensive testing and trials in the controlled laboratory environments before deploying in the real world. “With quantum technologies and quantum engineering we’re experiencing a revolution in the applied fundamental,” Maria Spiropulu, Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology said. “It is quite thrilling to accelerate the progress by integrating systems and ongoing R&D and especially by bringing together the experts. The spirit of innovation and collaboration at the AT&T® Foundry is the culture we hope permeates throughout this endeavor. I expect the catalysis effect on science and technology to be analogous.”

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