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24 Mar

AT&T Continues Expansion Of Their Fiber Internet

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AT&T Fiber Internet

AT&T has expanded the reach of their fiber internet service to 51 cities in the United States and they are not stopping. They recently announced their plans to expand fiber internet services in existing markets and add more areas to that list.

The expansion is centered on 17 existing metro areas where AT&T currently operates their fiber optic service. This means that AT&T will be offering internet speeds as fast as 1,000 Mbps (lower than that in real usage scenario) to more than four million US homes.

AT&T has not introduced fiber networks in some of the metropolitan areas like New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, they currently offer their gigabit services to users in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Chicago areas. These plans start at 80 dollars a month for internet services only and the plan charge will jump to 119 dollars after the first year.

The gigabit offering does not provide cheap internet, but AT&T is planning to expand the fiber internet across the US soon to fulfill that. As the Telco giant is moving forward with their fiber internet plans to be the fastest internet provider in the country, many other internet providers like Verizon, Comcast, and Charter are also trying their best to follow the trend.

This news might be disheartening for those users who are looking for an alternative faster internet service. However, reports suggest that the biggest supporter of gigabit internet outside the telecom circle, Google Fiber, has been struggling lately.

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As part of the restructuring of Google as Alphabet, Google Fiber has found itself under the Access unit of Alphabet. Google Fiber has been pressured to find an easy route to profitability and to cut down operation costs. Laying fiber is an expensive and time-consuming process and this puts the Alphabet unit at a disadvantage while competing with the big players like AT&T who have invested billions of dollars in infrastructure.

These issues and developments have made Google Fiber to pause their plans to expand. They are even considering ditching their fiber optic cabling for wireless as a delivery option after they have purchased Webpass, which is a San Francisco based internet provider. On the other hand, AT&T representatives said that they are planning to expand the reach of their fiber internet service to 67 cities and 12.5 million homes by mid-2019.

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