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16 May

AT&T Gearing Up For Quarter Four

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Quarter Four Reports

The AT&T satellite TV service, DirecTV Now, debuted in late November last year and has gained 2,00,000 subscribers by the end of 2016. This imminent success overshadowed the projected figures of the company, and invited interesting news. However, some of the issues which the satellite TV service faces include error messages that prompt a clear response from the subscribers.

Bill Hogg, head of AT&T operations talked about the errors saying, “It ramped up a lot faster than we ever thought it would, which is a great thing but also caught us a bit flat-footed on a couple things. Our teams have been working through capacity, and have been working through authentication issues, streaming issues.”

“What we’re seeing is the error rates are declining pretty fast and that the platform is stabilizing,” Hogg added further at the Jeffries Technology Summit held in Miami. The AT&T operations chief may not have insisted, but these responses indicate the traction which DirecTV Now has seen gaining on the satellite platform. This, in stark contrast to the no-show subscriber figures in the first quarter of 2017, is AT&T imposing performance.

The performance helped boost the company portfolio since the AT&T Linear TV setback, much to the interest of execs. “We deliberately pulled back on marketing to see the platform mature and improve, and we’re seeing just that,” John Stephens, the Chief Financial Officer of AT&T, quoted in reference to the marketing that incurs finance as well.

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AT&T Linear TV Setback

The linear TV setback in the first quarter reinvigorated a forward-thinking mentality from AT&T. With the quarter four on the radar, the company has plenty of reason to push DirecTV Now as their prime service apart from best internet deals they are offering.

The predictions would take some time to sink in, generally speaking. For now, the AT&T top brass concentrate on the subscriber strength and are gearing up for the quarter four. The year-ender details would come by December, time and entertainment permitting. Moreover, reports say that AT&T is also planning to make live broadcasting via satellite a priority soon.

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