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06 Jul

AT&T® Improves Their Prepaid Offerings

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AT&T® Prepaid Offerings

When asked about the Target website offering airtime refill for “AT&T® Prepaid”, that the retailer site notes is the former GoPhone brand, an AT&T® spokesperson declined to comment about the plans of the carrier to rebrand the service. “We are making exciting changes to AT&T® GoPhone, our prepaid service, that our customers may start to see at national retailers,” the spokesman said. “Look for announcements in the near future.”

However, the Redditor site has shared a flyer that provides the details on the new prepaid plan rates of AT&T®. As per the flyer, there are three prepaid offerings and the 35 dollar/1 GB plan is a new low price one. This plan will be suitable for those users who do not use much data. This plan is the cheapest prepaid plan from AT&T® and the rate is far less than the unlimited offerings from the other best internet service providers in the country that starts at around 70 dollars per month.

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GoPhone Prepaid Plans

The thirty-five dollars plan also provides unlimited call and text within the United States, free texting to most countries, and 1 GB high-speed internet. When the data allowance of 1 GB expires, the speed will be throttled and the maximum speed will go down to 126 kbps.

The forty-five dollars plan can a great step up option for the heavy internet users and is still cheaper than the popular unlimited plans. This plan offers 6 GB of high-speed internet that can be enough to meet the data needs of most of the users. Apart from the internet, the users also get free roaming services to Canada and USA that is not normal in prepaid plans. Throttling is same as the thirty-five dollars plan.

The last plan is the sixty-five dollars Unlimited plan, but the plan is far from unlimited. The plan speeds are capped at 3 Mbps and there is also a soft cap of 22 GB data per month, after which throttling will be applied. All these plans are available on the official AT&T® website under the GoPhone branding. Those users who opt for autopay option will be offered a discount of five dollars and this applies to all the three plans.

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