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03 May

AT&T Makes $700 Million Investment To Improve Local Networks In San Diego

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Improving Local Networks

AT&T, the fastest internet provider in the San Diego region, has made a considerable investment of $700 million in the area for a three-year period to improve the reliability, speed, coverage as well as to enhance the best internet performance for residential and business customers alike.

The telecom major has made these investments over both the wireless and wired networks operating in the San Diego area. In addition, the investments also sought to improve the critical services, which actively support public safety and first responders.

Ignacio De La Torre, the Area Vice President of External Affairs at AT&T said, “We’re investing to provide fast, reliable, highly secure connectivity. We want customers to have internet access at any moment, from almost any device—anywhere. These continued investments bring San Diego County residents and businesses a host of new opportunities.”

Last year, AT&T undertook several upgrades in the wireless networks operating in the San Diego region. This includes setting up new cell sites, enhancing the network capacity and providing new high-speed wireless internet connections.

The majority of the expansion works undertaken by AT&T in improving the networks were carried out last year. Some of the remarkable enhancements carried out by AT&T in the San Diego area include extending the capacity for various special events held in the region like the Del Mar Races, annual air show, and international comic book convention. Moreover, the expansions for improving the wireless connectivity and usage experience for attendees and area residents were also carried out in 2016 All-Star baseball game and other pre-events held in downtown San Diego.

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$700 Million Investment

Across the entire San Diego County, AT&T undertook numerous upgrades to improve the 4G LTE cell sites for enabling better coverage and speeds to both the residential and business customers in the area. It has also been chosen by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) to create a national public safety network for assisting the police units, firefighter squads, and EMS personnel of the country.

The telecom company has been actively involved in expanding internet connectivity across the country through its fiber internet service. In fact, the ultra-fast and best internet service provided by the company, AT&T Fiber, is now available to about 50,000 customers in the San Diego region. The company is also planning a further nationwide expansion of both its wireless and wired networks.

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