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26 May

AT&T® Completes Nationwide Deployment Of Its LTE-M IoT Network

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5G Wireless Cellular Technology

AT&T® officials recently announced that they have completed the deployment of their nationwide LTE-M Internet of Things (IoT) network. The company, which is one of the major internet providers in the country, has declared that the works done for installing the network nationwide are completed ahead of schedule. The deployment of 4G LTE-M IoT network represents the carrier’s milestone growth in the introduction of advanced wireless connectivity for customers across the nation. Moreover, it will also pave the way for the future development of next generation 5G wireless cellular technology and deployment of IoT on a much wider scale than was previously possible.

AT&T’s 4G LTE-M network comes with the latest features and comes integrated with standardized 3GPP technology. This utilizes licensed spectrum that enables good reliability, carrier-grade security, and cheap internet connectivity. Previously, the company announced the introduction of LTE-M IoT networks before the stipulated schedule, which comes ahead of numerous successful trials using a pilot network in California as well as subsequent testing in Columbus, Ohio. Moreover, AT&T® has laid out elaborate plans for expanding the footprint of its LTE-M IoT networks across the entire regions of North America.

With the introduction of LTE-M IoT networks, customers are conferred with a range of benefits and access to more services. This includes improved coverage for the IoT devices, extended battery life, as well as the reduction in the size of the modules. In addition, AT&T® has also released a new set of rate plans for the LTE-M network services. The plans start with a lower rate of $1.50 per month per device along with extra discounts for yearly and multi-annual contracts.

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LTE-M IoT Network

The networking modules of LTE-M are offered at a price of about $7.50 including a SIM card and they are available from AT&T’s suppliers. Furthermore, the currently functioning IoT networks available to the users will also undergo major upgrades according to the company. A firmware update process will also be initiated that will eventually upgrade the M14A2A IoT modules to LTE-M.

The latest LTE-M IoT network is specifically designed for large-scale uses like asset tracking, smart metering, smart city services, supply chain management, etc. Chris Penrose, President of IoT Solutions at AT&T® said, “Our nationwide LTE-M deployment is another example of AT&T’s continued investment and leadership in IoT. We can now reach new places and connect new things at a price that’s more affordable than ever before. Our LTE-M starter kit will also spur developers to open the doors to IoT innovation.”

26 May

AT&T® CEO Thinks 60-Minute Episodes Might Be Too Long For Mobile Devices

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Sitcom-Length Episodes

TV shows are actually shaped by the format of their TV network programming. The length of some of the TV series is half-an-hour while the length of other TV shows is one hour and it is being aired by the networks with or without commercial breaks, as per they wish. However, more and more American citizens have started to watch their favorite TV shows through tablets and smartphones. At the same time, more and more TV companies have become closely intertwined with mobile carriers over the last few years. The CEO of AT&T®, Randall Stephenson, recently shared his view on the same subject.

Stephenson said that the premium content, which us unique for a mobile environment, would help telecom companies attract more customers to their offerings. Reports indicate that AT&T® will be able to earn more profit through this way since they are planning a merger with the massive media grant,

“It will cause [Richard] Plepler at HBO to panic when I say this, but can you begin to think about things like Game of Thrones as an example, where in a mobile environment a 60-minute episode may not be the best experience, should you think about 20-minute episodes?” Stephenson said.

In addition to that, he also clarified that even though Time Warner-owned HBO will be tied to the telecom company after the proposed merger, “You can’t think about taking Game of Thrones and [only making] it available to AT&T customers, that’s crazy.” Stephenson also said, if you “do things uniquely with Game of Thrones for your mobile environment, where you have the ability to innovate faster and if the fast innovation creates a unique experience in your environment, you’re probably going to want to make that available later to other providers as well.”

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Trending TV Shows

Reports indicate that the close connection between media companies and mobile distribution channels will eventually offer something like this in the near future. However, it is hard to imagine such a fan-favorite TV series like Game of Thrones being cut down into sitcom-length episodes.

The attractive packages offered by AT&T® have enabled the telecom giant to acquire some more customers to their offerings recently. In addition to that, it has also benefited several wireless customers in the United States to acquire of some of the best and cheap internet deals.

22 May

AT&T® Expands Internet Capability To Jasper County

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Expanding Internet Capability

In the middle of many allegations, AT&T® has announced that selected rural areas in the Jasper County will now be able to access high-speed internet service via AT&T’s Fixed Wireless service. It is reported that Jasper County is one of the first locations in the United States where the fastest internet provider is offering their service.

In the announcement, AT&T® said that they have finished the first wave of fixed wireless internet availability for many of the underserved and rural areas in Georgia, as part of the FCC Connect America Fund commitment to offer the service to more than 400,000 locations by 2017 end and 1.1 million locations by the end of 2020.

“It is essential that we continue to work to bring greater access to high-speed Internet to rural Georgians, and this announcement today, marks a positive step in that direction,” said State Representative Susan Holmes. “I am glad to see the innovative approach by private industry to help close the remaining connectivity gap.”

“I am thrilled to see Jasper County residents among the first in the nation to be able to connect to this service and have the high-speed Internet connections that we need in our homes,” said State Senator Burt Jones. “While private industry is investing heavily in our state, we need to make certain that rural communities are not left behind, and I will continue working with the private sector to extend the high-speed connectivity that Georgians want.”

“The more than 19,000 men and women who work for AT&T and call Georgia home, are working every day to turn our investments into the high-speed connectivity that Georgia’s residents and businesses demand,” said Bill Leahy, president of AT&T® Georgia. “Through this innovative service, we are further closing the remaining connectivity gap in rural Georgia.”

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Fixed Wireless service

The fixed wireless internet from AT&T® offers their best internet service to homes with download speeds of minimum 10 Mbps. The wireless connection comes from a remote tower to an antenna that is fixed at the home of the subscriber. This is a very cost effective way to offer high-speed and high-quality internet to subscribers living in the underserved rural areas.

“Access to the internet is an important tool for advancing opportunities in communities. It creates economic growth, helps increase community engagement and makes education accessible,” said Eric Boyer, senior vice president of Wireless and Wired Product Marketing at AT&T®. “We’re committed to utilizing available technologies to connect hard-to-reach locations.”

18 May

AT&T CEO Speaks About Social Concerns

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Speaking About Social Concerns

Usually, the CEOs of the Fortune 500 businesses do not make any political or cultural statements, but the Chairman and CEO of AT&T, one of the best internet providers in the US, is different. Randall Stephenson turned many heads last year when he urged his employees to take part in conversations about race to understand each other in a better way as human beings. The 12-minute speech of Stephenson went viral as an AT&T employee uploaded the same to YouTube.

Stephenson was recently honored by the UJA-Federation with their Steven J. Ross Humanitarian Award for those words and the many other actions that AT&T has taken to make a social connection with its employees. The award ceremony that was conducted at Cipriani 25 Broadway brought in about 2.5 million dollars for the many charitable activities of the organization.

The presence of many media CEOs was the proof and testament that AT&T is growing in prominence as the best internet service in the telecom industry, as they are awaiting approval for the 85.4 billion dollars merger with Time Warner. Conan O’Brien was the host of the ceremony, and it included a four-song set by the Zac Brown Band.

Peter Chernin, whose business has a joint venture with the AT&T, said that Stephenson is “one of the most caring, honest and decent men I have ever met.” He also said, taking into consideration the gentle background of Stephenson, that “not since Menachem Begin shook hands with Anwar Sadat have Jews reached so far into a different culture to embrace the greater good.”

In a 20-minute question and answer session with the Time Warner chairman and CEO, Jeff Bewkes, Stephenson explained his statement that “tolerance is for cowards.” He made the statement because of the incidents of racially charged police shootings. “I’m not suggesting we have fixed racial tension,” Stephenson said. “But within our circle at AT&T it is wide open — and not just about race. There are folks in the LGBT community, Latino groups — we’re having those conversations and it’s amazing what’s been transpiring.” Stephenson also spoke about broader social concerns and explained on “what’s good for AT&T is good for America.”

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Fortune 500 Businesses

“What is in the interest of AT&T is a good, healthy, prosperous, growing economy. What a company like AT&T really needs is a good, prosperous, growing middle class,” Stephenson said. “What are the things that are fundamental for having that kind of environment? It starts with things like a good, civil, peaceful environment (and) the rule of law. When you think about racial tension, it’s hard for people to feel secure and wanting to engage in commerce when they’re very insecure about things such as race and racial tension. Those are issues that I think we CEOs should speak out about. If there are remedies, things that can make them better, we ought to press for those things.”

17 May

Hillsdale City Council Approves Site Plan For An AT&T Tower

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas in night sky . long exposure about 2-3 minutes
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Site Plan Approved

In a recent unanimous voting, the Hillsdale City Council approved a site plan for a new AT&T tower at the Fayette Street, even though the Planning Commission of the city and public shared mixed feelings about the decision. City Manager David Mackie said, “We have received letters of support and opposition to this.”

John Debacker, who serves the zoning board of appeals of the city, was the first person to speak about this issue. “I’m concerned with the location of the tower along the bike path and river,” he said. “It’s a bit of an eyesore.” On a similar note, a local resident said, “We live in a dead-zone. Speaking on eyesores, we have rail cars with graffiti in the immediate area. I don’t see where there would be an eyesore.”

However, some of the candidates for the Council this fall also spoke in favor of the location of the tower. One among them, Dennis Wainscott, said, “I am for the tower. I think it is well needed.” Another candidate from the Council, Ted Jansen, also stated that he is happy with the decision. Jansen even suggested the AT&T to build a small parking near the new tower for the individuals, who wants to use the nearby bike trails. “Perhaps put in a parking lot for maybe three cars so people could use the bike path instead of parking across the street in the grass,” he said.

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AT&T Tower Coverage

On the other hand, Laura Smith who serves the planning commission of the city expressed her disappointment against the proposed location of new AT&T tower. However, she admitted that she is actually in favor of the tower but she is worried that the allotted location might not follow the master plan of the city. “The Planning Commission’s job is the master plan and to make sure the city is following the master plan. This is not the only location for this development,” Smith said. “Pausing for another month or two to reinvestigate for something that is going to be there for 100-years doesn’t seem like it’s that long of a time.”

However, reports indicate that the unanimously voted decision will bring several benefits to the city. Compare the internet plans of AT&T and other internet providers in your location, as it will help you to acquire the best internet deal.

16 May

AT&T Gearing Up For Quarter Four

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Quarter Four Reports

The AT&T satellite TV service, DirecTV Now, debuted in late November last year and has gained 2,00,000 subscribers by the end of 2016. This imminent success overshadowed the projected figures of the company, and invited interesting news. However, some of the issues which the satellite TV service faces include error messages that prompt a clear response from the subscribers.

Bill Hogg, head of AT&T operations talked about the errors saying, “It ramped up a lot faster than we ever thought it would, which is a great thing but also caught us a bit flat-footed on a couple things. Our teams have been working through capacity, and have been working through authentication issues, streaming issues.”

“What we’re seeing is the error rates are declining pretty fast and that the platform is stabilizing,” Hogg added further at the Jeffries Technology Summit held in Miami. The AT&T operations chief may not have insisted, but these responses indicate the traction which DirecTV Now has seen gaining on the satellite platform. This, in stark contrast to the no-show subscriber figures in the first quarter of 2017, is AT&T imposing performance.

The performance helped boost the company portfolio since the AT&T Linear TV setback, much to the interest of execs. “We deliberately pulled back on marketing to see the platform mature and improve, and we’re seeing just that,” John Stephens, the Chief Financial Officer of AT&T, quoted in reference to the marketing that incurs finance as well.

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AT&T Linear TV Setback

The linear TV setback in the first quarter reinvigorated a forward-thinking mentality from AT&T. With the quarter four on the radar, the company has plenty of reason to push DirecTV Now as their prime service apart from best internet deals they are offering.

The predictions would take some time to sink in, generally speaking. For now, the AT&T top brass concentrate on the subscriber strength and are gearing up for the quarter four. The year-ender details would come by December, time and entertainment permitting. Moreover, reports say that AT&T is also planning to make live broadcasting via satellite a priority soon.

15 May

AT&T Offering High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet To Rural Lowndes County

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Connect America Fund

AT&T, one of the best internet providers in the county, has made available high-speed wireless internet to the residents in rural Lowndes County. The company has provided the area with faster internet connectivity as a part of the Connect America Fund. As a part of the new offering of AT&T’s best internet service, a ribbon-cutting event was organized in Lake Park recently. The new high-speed internet service by AT&T will use cell towers to provide wireless internet connectivity to homes within its range at speeds of 10 megabits per second.

President of AT&T Georgia, Bill Leahy, explained that the new service would assist the need for high-speed internet among the residents of rural Georgia. “The more than 19,000 men and women who work for AT&T and call Georgia home are working every day to turn our investments into the high-speed connectivity that Georgia’s residents and businesses demand. Through this innovative service, we are further closing the remaining connectivity gap in rural Georgia,” Leahy said.

In the previous three years, AT&T has made a considerable investment in Georgia’s networks amounting to about $5 billion. With this new connectivity offering, residents of Lowndes County are provided accessibility to high-speed internet at affordable costs. This fixed internet service from AT&T is available in select rural areas across the entire country. Daniel Hayes, head of public affairs for AT&T Georgia said, “This is one of the first sites in the country that’s being activated with this service.”

Included in this service is 160 GB of data per month and needs the installation of an AT&T outdoor antenna and indoor Residential Gateway for accessing the internet. State Sen. Ellis Black, who attended the event, stated about the importance of considering the need for internet connectivity among the residents of Lowndes County.

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High Speed Wireless Internet

Black said, “Our residents and business owners in rural Lowndes County have made their voices heard and my colleagues and I are working hard to create an environment where we will see more announcements like this — more announcements that infrastructure is being deployed to extend access to high-speed Internet to families across our community.”

State Rep. John Corbett also praised AT&T’s deployment of high-speed internet in the county. He said, “Access to high-speed Internet is vital in today’s economy and I am glad to see yet another opportunity for Lowndes County residents to gain access to the kind of connectivity they need.”

12 May

AT&T Breaks Silence On Project Airgig

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High-Speed Internet

The announcement of AT&T about their plans to deliver high-speed internet over the existing power lines last year resulted in much stir. However, since the announcement, there were not many updates on the new technology that is deemed “Project Airgig”.

It is evident that AT&T is trying to be the best internet provider in the nation with the launch of Project Airgig. In the month of January, AT&T said that they have entered into advanced discussion with many power companies to get trial areas for Project Airgig. The chief strategy officer of AT&T, John Donovan said at the time that there would be an announcement about the power companies in just a few days’ time. However, even after three months, AT&T has not yet announced the involvement of any particular power company.

Recently, AT&T President of Technology and Operations, Bill Hogg, offered a short update on the project. He did not speak to the power companies that are involved, but reassured that the trials would happen in 2017. “We’ll have right now probably two trials that we’ll do by the end of the year … and really start to perfect the model and the deployment,” Hogg said.

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Fiber Internet

An AT&T spokesperson said that the talks with the various power companies are still going on and that they are planning to announce the trials no later than fall. Officials said that the Project Airgig is an efficient way to deliver multi-gigabit internet speeds making use of cheap plastic antennas that are strapped to existing telephone poles. Experts in the field of telecommunications say that the option presents much value for AT&T when compared to the fiber internet network deployment, which needs much costs to build out.

“We’re really excited about it because it’s a great alternative to stringing up fiber, especially in rural areas where you have long runs,” Hogg said. “These are great opportunities to leverage the physical infrastructure that’s already been deployed.”

AT&T had earlier rebranded their fiber network from GigaPower Internet to AT&T Fiber and the service has been expanding a lot, mainly in the major metro regions of the country. Currently, the service reaches to 4 million consumers and AT&T is planning to increase the reach to 12.5 million users by 2019.

10 May

AT&T To Boost Local Networks In Las Cruces

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas in night sky . long exposure about 2-3 minutes
Best Internet

Boosting Local Networks

The officials from the telecom giant, AT&T recently revealed that they have invested over $10 million in their Las Cruces wired and wireless networks during 2014-2016. These investments were made to enhance the coverage, speed, reliability, and overall performance of their wireless service that serves both businesses and residents in the region. In addition to that, the telecom company also made efforts to improve the critical services, which support first responders and public safety.

AT&T had also expanded the LTE coverage in the city last year. The LTE network of AT&T covers approximately 400 million individuals in North America. The director of external affairs, AT&T New Mexico, Terri Nikole Baca said, “We’re investing to provide faster, more reliable, highly secure connectivity. We want customers to have internet access at any moment, from almost any device, anywhere. These continued investments bring Las Cruces residents and businesses a host of new opportunities.”

AT&T was also recently selected by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) for building a nationwide public safety broadband network. The proposed network will be entirely dedicated to EMS personnel, police, firefighters, and to first responders when they want it.

In addition to that, AT&T is also planning to make a large investment to maintain and upgrade the FirstNet network of New Mexico for the next 25 years. This will help the first responders to get the value, experience, and coverage that they are looking for.

AT&T has also been recognized as the “Most Admired Telecommunications Company” in the world by the Fortune magazine for the third consecutive time. Additionally, the telecom giant also holds the 37th position among the list of “Top 50 World’s Most Admired Companies”. It is significant to note that the only telecommunications company that made the list was AT&T.

Fastest Internet Provider

Extensive Wi-Fi network

The telecom giant also has an extensive Wi-Fi network with over 40,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots at popular hotels, bookstores, restaurants, and retailers. Almost all AT&T home internet and smartphone subscribers will be able to access the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network without paying any additional price.

AT&T is the fastest internet provider in several regions across the country and they have been offering some of the best internet deals to their customers. Check out the best AT&T internet plans for you now!

09 May

AT&T Planning To Hang Up Landline Services In Illinois

Best Internet

Hang Up Landline Services

AT&T, the best internet provider in the US, has a new plan for all their stubborn customers who are still hanging on to their old landline phones. These customers will have to switch to a new and modern alternative or may have to face disconnection. Reports show that the traditional landline services are dwindling at a faster rate and account for only less than 10 percent of all the households in Illinois.

AT&T is pushing Springfield legislation to allow them to unplug the old voice only landline network to focus on more on their best internet and wireless phone offerings. However, this will be possible only after the approval from Federal Communications Commission, which is currently pending.

“We’re investing in a technology that consumers have said they don’t want anymore and wasting precious hundreds of millions of dollars that could be going to the new technologies that would do a better job of serving customers,” said Paul La Schiazza, president at AT&T Illinois. AT&T has about 1.2 million traditional landline users in the state of Illinois, out of which, 725,000 are business users and 474,000 are residential users. La Schiazza said that they are losing about 5,000 traditional landline users each week.

Experts say that at the current pace, the landline service of AT&T will wind up in just five years. However, AT&T is seeking to have a more predictable end to the service. As per the opinion of the critics, the bill would leave behind thousands of Illinois residents, mainly seniors, who rely on the traditional landline service for many things like connecting with family and monitoring medical devices and conditions.

“Many seniors have told us that they trust landline service more than any other option,” said Jim Chilsen, spokesman for the Citizens Utility Board, an Illinois nonprofit watchdog group. “A landline doesn’t go out in an internet or power outage, it doesn’t need to be charged, it doesn’t need a battery backup, and it doesn’t leave 911 dispatchers guessing.”

Best Internet Provider

Awaiting FCC Approval

If the Illinois telecommunications modernization bill passes, the same will come to effect from July 1 and it will offer AT&T the right to cancel their old and outdated landline service with a notice period of 60 days. Existing AT&T landline users will have the opportunity to appeal the decision of AT&T to the state regulators.

AT&T will need FCC approval to abandon their obligation to maintain their old telephone service, but they have passed similar legislation in 19 of the 21 states where they are the legacy telephone carrier.


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