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18 Mar

Smart TV Basics That you Need to Remember

Best Internet
Best Internet

Cable Internet Service

Smart TVs are gaining popularity by the day, as there are newer features being introduced with each product, which make life easier overall for the user. Many of today’s Smart TVs are compatible with a number of other devices you typically find inside a modern home, and help you to control these from a single source. These features have definitely had a hand in transforming a lot of people’s lifestyles. Below are a few basic things about the average Smart TV that should help you understand it better than you do already.

Connecting Your Smart TV To The Internet

Smart TVs use the internet connection in your home in order to bring you quality photos, audio, movies, and TV shows. They use either Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to stay connected. There are several things that you need to take care of after setting up a Smart TV. One of the main ones is ensuring that Wi-Fi coverage from a fastest internet provider is available in the immediate vicinity of your Smart TV. If you have a router on a different floor, for instance, you may not be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Keeping the Connection Strong

If your smart TV is facing issues while operating, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure its connection to the internet stays strong. Ensure that your internet router is not more than three years old, so that you have a reasonable chance of getting better than good performance out of it. Also, the use of Wi-Fi range extenders and routers with mesh network are great options in cases where nearby placement is hard to achieve.

Setup, Apps, and Streaming

Fastest Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

There are no standard operating systems in place for Smart TVs. Each TV maker uses different firmware as well as graphical presentation methods. Interfaces and operating systems used are different for different companies.

Your experience watching videos from streaming services would almost always benefit from having the speeds guaranteed by any of the best internet providers out there. Meanwhile, you also get to use a number of popular apps which come included with most smart TVs these days. While lower-priced models promote only the most popular applications, the higher-end TVs provide more comprehensive sets of options in that area.

Does a Smart TV Crash?

Smart TVs also employ computer chips for upscaling, video processing, multiple screen display, and internet connection. That means they need memory to buffer streaming music and video, aside from additional processing power needed to make proper adjustments to rendered graphics. Sometimes this can cause a TV to crash, or exhibit glitches. That issue is mostly being eliminated with the use of quad-core processors, which bring more computing power to the table.

18 Jul

DirecTV Now® Is Now Equipped With A Cloud DVR

Best Internet
Internet Providers

4K HDR support

DirecTV Now®, the latest streaming service from one of the leading internet providers in the United States, AT&T® will be finally introducing a number of exciting features including a cloud DVR. The officials from AT&T® added that the addition is actually a part of a bigger platform upgrade for the TV applications of AT&T®, which includes the app for current DirecTV® pay TV customers and the streaming service itself.

The newly added cloud DVR is one of the most anticipated addition and DirecTV Now® customers have been eagerly waiting for the addition since the launch of the streaming service. Most of the competitor online streaming services of DirecTV Now® such as Hulu Live TV, PlayStation VU, and YouTube TV already have a cloud DVR option that allows users to save movies and TV shows for later viewing.

The streaming service from AT&T® was however introduced without this key feature, but the officials promised that the cloud DVR feature will be arriving to DirecTV Now® sometime “next year”. Even though it has taken AT&T® quite a time to bring this key feature into their streaming service, the telecom company is hopeful that the introduction of the cloud DVR will lure in more cord cutters to DirecTV Now®.

DirecTV Now®, which was unveiled by the end of 2016 initially, offered a variety of plans to their customers. The basic package offered by the streaming service that allowed customers access to more than 60 popular channels was priced at just $35 a month. Currently, the service offers a wide selection of live channels in HD and 4K quality. In addition to that, DirecTV Now® users can also access 30,000 on-demand contents.

Best Internet

Introducing Cloud DVR Feature

A short while after the launch of the streaming service, customers from several parts of their country expressed their frustration, as the new service often encountered technical glitches. AT&T® quickly responded to the issue and assured users that technical issues are quite common during the launches of streaming services. Consequently, AT&T® fixed all the errors in a short span of time and DirecTV Now® added over 200,000 subscribers in the first month itself.

Reports indicate that other additions like live TV pausing, parental control, 4K HDR support, and a “download and go” feature will soon arrive to DirecTV®. If you have access to the best internet service, make the most of it by subscribing to DirecTV Now®.

17 May

The Launch Of DirecTV Now On Roku Has Been Postponed

Fastest Internet Provider

DirecTV Launch Postponed

The online video streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, was launched in the second half of 2016, and it quickly become a popular streaming service among many customers in the US. As DirecTV Now is a budget-friendly cable TV alternative, it gained a lot of attraction among the cable cutters.

DirecTV Now is currently offering four different subscription packages or plans to their customers. The basic package from DirecTV Now is available to subscribers for just $35 a month and it offers them access to over 60 popular channels. If you are a person who has already subscribed to the best internet service, then choosing DirecTV Now’s basic pack over other streaming services will allow you to save much money.

Many experts in the field of telecommunications firmly believe that the streaming service from AT&T is the best match for Roku Setup. However, many Roku owners are still frustrated with the fact that there is no DirecTV Now channel available to Roku users. A blog post on the official website of Roku earlier confirmed that a new DirecTV Now app is in the works, and even Roku had earlier promised to deliver a channel to their customers by Q1 of the year. However, the company has miserably failed to do so.

The original blog post on the official website of Roku, which stated that “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in Q1 2017” has also been edited by the officials to “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in 2017.” The post also added that the subscription fee for DirecTV packages would be in the range of $35 and $70 a month.

Best Internet Service

DirecTV Now App

Many customers are desperately waiting for the arrival of DirecTV Now support on Roku streaming platform but the officials from the company have not yet given a specific date for the launch. The officials from the company also refused to share any insight on why the release is taking so long than expected. However, several reports claim that the technical glitches in DirecTV Now service during the initial stages of its launch may be the reason for this, even though AT&T has successfully resolved all the issues.

The parent company of DirecTV Now, AT&T, is the fastest internet provider in several regions across the country. The telecom giant has also been offering a wide variety of budget-friendly internet, cable, and home phone packages to their customers for a very long time. Having a channel on Roku for DirecTV Now would surely help them gain a lot of new customers.

16 May

DirecTV Now Offering Free Amazon Fire Stick With One Month Subscription

Best Internet

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The skinny bundle market is getting more and more competitive with the release of the latest offerings from Hulu and CBS. Hulu has recently launched a beta version of their ‘Hulu with Live TV’ offer, where CBS has launched their ‘All Access Showtime’ skinny bundles. Both these offering, which make use of cheap internet, are aimed at the cord cutters mainly, but are steaming up the market competition as well.

The release of more and more streaming services by the different competitors has made the streaming service market more crowded and competitive for many of the best internet providers of the country. In line of that, AT&T has also come up with an interesting offer for any user who is planning to become a cord cutter in the near future.

AT&T announced that new subscribers to the DirecTV Now service would be offered a free Amazon Fire TV Stick while pre-paying for one-month subscription fee for the internet based streaming service. The Amazon Fire TV stick is offered with the Alexa Voice Remote. The basic package of DirecTV Now is available for just thirty-five dollars a month and if a subscriber stops the subscription to the service after the first month, he or she can get the Fire TV Stick device for a discounted price.

Cheap Internet

DirecTV Now Offerings

AT&T offered a similar deal when they first launched the DirecTV Now service in 2016. It is true that the five dollars off is not much a big deal, but you should not forget that you are also getting the DirecTV Now service for a month. The basic package from DirecTV Now, Live A Little, features channels like Cartoon Network, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, FX, and FS1. In addition to that, DirecTV Now offers three other packages that are higher priced than the basic package and offer more content. In addition, they also offer some add-ons for additional charges like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax.

Experts claim that the Fire TV Stick with the Alexa Voice remote is a nice and efficient streaming device. However, some of the users claim that the device is not quite handy as the Chromecast device from Google that allows users to send content from their smartphone to the television set. However, if you were looking for a cheap way to have access to streaming services and online content in your living room, then DirecTV Now could be a great choice.

21 Apr

14 Local Fox Stations Added To DirecTV Now Service

Best Internet

14 Local Fox Stations

AT&T and Fox Networks Group have reached a new deal, and as per the deal, 14 Fox affiliated stations will be added to the DirecTV Now streaming service. With this latest deal, the number of Fox affiliates that are available on the DirecTV Now service has reached to 31. This agreement covers the Tribune Media owned stations in the markets like San Diego, Denver, and Seattle. Local stations were made available in these markets and other markets recently to join the 17 Fox owned and operated stations that were already available on the DirecTV Now service.

Fox Network has made much advancement in their negotiations with the providers of the “skinny bundles” – the TV packages that are delivered through broadband internet connections rather than the traditional cable or satellite TV systems. These bundles need the best internet connection to work efficiently. Negotiations with the providers have allowed Fox to make deals that their affiliates can opt for. With affiliate meetings scheduled for the imminent National Association of Broadcaster Show in Las Vegas, Fox is emphasizing on ensuring that their programming are available on all the latest internet based platforms. With the skinny bundles, providers also aim to improve sales of their best internet packages.

Best Internet Provider

DirecTV Now Service

Local television has been an important provider for the various skinny bundle packages that were released recently as competitor to the traditional multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD). Google had limited the launch of their YouTube TV initiative to the cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, where they have secured the rights to air the channels like local ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC. Sling TV service from Dish Network released a new device called AirTV which will help the users to add local stations to their channel guide, making use of an over the air antenna.

“We’re excited about the power of DirecTV Now to expand the premium TV marketplace and provide greater access to our programming nationwide,” said Mike Biard, who is the president of distribution for Fox Networks Group. “Today’s addition of 14 Fox-affiliated stations, and the others that will be launching soon, together with our portfolio of national and regional cable networks, will allow DirecTV Now to deliver the full experience of our industry-leading news, entertainment and sports brands, while affording consumers the convenience and flexibility to watch whenever and wherever they want.”

Commenting on that, the chief content officer for AT&T, Dan York said, “Significantly more customers now have access to local programing on DirecTV Now through Fox affiliates in cities across America. We are continuing to expand our lineup of local, regional and national programming on DirecTV Now so our customers have access to an impressive lineup at a great value.”

09 Mar

DirecTV Cuts Price For MLB Extra Innings In 2017

Cheap Internet

MLB Extra Innings

DirecTV has announced the price for the Major League Baseball Extra Innings out of the market package for 2017. The new price has dropped from the prices of 2016 level, but only by a meager 1.20 dollars. DirecTV in one of their posts shared this information to the public. MLB fans need to pay only 172.74 dollars to watch the complete 2017 season when compared to the 173.94 dollars price for 2016 season.

The price reduction might not seem to be a lot, but subscribers were able to see a big discount in the previous season when DirecTV, Comcast, and some other cheap internet and pay TV providers agreed to cut the price of MLB Extra Innings in 2016 and 2017. This decision was made as part of a settlement of a lawsuit that was filed by the MLB Extra Innings fans.

Comcast charged 165 dollars in 2016 for MLB Extra Innings, but they have not yet announced the pricing for 2017. In addition, DirecTV will also offer a free subscription to MLB.TV to all people buying Extra Innings. This means that the MLB fans can not only watch out-of-market games on television, but also on their mobile phones, computers, and connected devices.

This is the third time that DirecTV is including MLB.TV with the MLB Extra Innings offering. They have offered free subscription to MLB.TV in the last two seasons also.

Best Internet

NFL Sunday Ticket

The net price for MLB Extra Innings remains flat as previous year and it is a good thing for the subscribers, as DirecTV is planning to increase the pricing for NFL Sunday Ticket package. It is reported that the pricing for the NFL Sunday Ticket will increase by over 9 percent before the 2017 season and by an additional 2 percent after the start of the season.

Subscribers not seeing a big increase in the pricing for the baseball package this year can be a good thing, but they should also understand that there is the potential for a price increase for the NFL Sunday Ticket season. For now, those baseball fans who wish to buy MLB Extra Innings package from DirecTV for 2017 will get a reduction in price, even though it is a small one.

16 Feb

Fox Sports Will Start To Broadcast 4K Contents On DirecTV

Best Internet

4K On DirecTV

Fox Sports failed to offer the broadcast of Super Bowl LI in 4K Ultra HD, even though they had recorded the match in 4K with over 2 million cameras. However, Fox Sports has now shifted their focus towards the implementation of 4K sportscasts and it will begin the broadcast from February 17, on DirecTV.

The officials from Fox Sports recently announced that the broadcast would begin with the California-Stanford basketball game. Reports indicate that the 4K game broadcast will be available to viewers on channel number 106 on DirecTV packages. Note that channel 106 is actually the dedicated 4K content channel of the cable service provider.

Both DirecTV and Fox had previously announced that they are planning to offer UHD sportscasts for a number of events such as the college basketball and football games, along with many other major sports events from FIFA, the NASCAR Rally, and Major League Baseball.

The next 4K broadcast of Fox and DirecTV after the California-Stanford game will be the basketball match between UCLA and University of Washington, which will be played on March 01, 2017. Reports from several reliable sources claim that this game will also be available to the viewers in HD resolution.

DirecTV has been trying hard to continue the expansion of live 4K content since the cable service provider launched three dedicated channels for this format. DirecTV launched a 4K network on their channel number 104, which was dedicated to “nature documentaries” and the original programming from Audience Network. In addition to that, the channel 105 features short-form documentaries and 4K pay-per-view movies while the channel 106 offers the broadcast of many live events in 4K.

Best Cable Deals

Fox Sports Content

The senior vice president of field and technical operations at Fox Sports, Michael Davies told that Fox is trying to introduce new technologies into their broadcast and the 4K broadcast is actually a part of this strategy. He also added that Fox offered a Wisconsin to offer a “different kind of VR experience” during the Big Ten Football Championship game between Wisconsin and Penn State.

“While live VR is important, you need to give the viewer something else to do,” Davies said. “We think that the audience will come for the live VR, but they will stay for some of the other things they can do with it.”  Reports indicate that the 4K broadcast on DirecTV will attract more customers towards it, and this would be one of the best cable deals, that a subscriber can enjoy with DirecTV packages.

14 Feb

DirecTV Will Fight US Antitrust Suit Over The LA Dodgers Channel


DirecTV Packages

DirecTV executives recently said that they have refused to pay for the Time Warner Cable Inc’s Los Angeles Dodgers channel, as they have been “burned” before, overpaying to air Lakers games, and not because they are conspiring with others to get advantage on competitors.

That is the defense DirecTV, the biggest satellite TV provider of the Unites States, will use while asking a judge to throw away a Department of Justice lawsuit, which accuses DirecTV of joining hands with competitors in 2014 to get an edge over TWC in the licensing negotiations.

As per the government, DirecTV was the leader of a conspiracy among the distributors in Los Angeles area, which left almost 70% of the pay TV users in the second largest media market of the US without access to the Dodgers games in 2014. This happened two years before Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable. The deal made it the Los Angeles provider of Dodger games and as a result of the deal, thousands of fans of the games still do not have access to the live broadcast of the games, the Justice Department said.

Cheap Cable

LA Dodgers Channel

Charter Communications said in a statement that they do not expect any other pay TV provider to offer SportsNet LA by opening day of baseball season. DirecTV provided a gentler explanation for why no LA pay TV distributor picked up the channel of the local Major League Baseball franchise. “TWC’s exorbitant prices and bargaining intransigence.” DirecTV had paid a premium to carry TWC’s Lakers channel only to see the NBA team’s ratings and performance tank and after that, they resolved not to commit the same mistake with the Dodgers channel.

The case is in Los Angeles federal court and it is playing out a delicate time for AT&T, as they are trying in Washington to acquire permissions to buy Time Warner. President Trump voiced opposition to the deal earlier during his campaign and after taking the President’s office, Trump is said to have told people privately that he still opposes the move.

The dueling narratives on the channel will be debated at hearing that is set for March 13, 2017. In the hearing, a judge will decide whether the lawsuit should be permitted to proceed.

07 Feb

Bars In Greater Lafayette Area Experience Game Blackouts

Best Cable Deals

NBC And FOX Network

Many local bars were not able to watch the first game of the World Series last year, as they were greeted with a black screen on their television due to the dispute between the cable service provider and channels. However, they were able to catch the actions of the remaining matches when the cable provider entered into a carriage agreement with the channels.

Many bar managers and owners believed that they would not have to face any blackouts in the future. However, DirecTV has proven these bar owners wrong, as bars in Greater Lafayette area regularly experienced game blackouts since the beginning of World Series on both NBC and FOX network affiliates.

A major portion of bars usually subscribe to DirecTV as their cable provider. This is because DirecTV is the only cable service provider that offers full National Football League package to businesses. However, the recent blackouts have disappointed them all.

The owner of Bobby T’s Pub, Robert Turner said, “If you’re a sports bar you have to have DIRECTV because they have exclusive rights to the NFL package. They have a monopoly on the ticket.” Turned added that the bars were filled with people to watch the blacked-out game.

Turner and other bar owners stated that when they reached out to DirecTV for complaining against the blackout of the games, they replied that the blackout was a result of ongoing contract negotiations between the provider and local channels. However, a recent statement made the communications representative of DirecTV, Tamara Rader, stated that the blackout of games were actually due to technical issues.

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Cable Provider

“We are currently unable to provide the FOX signal to these customers due to technical issues. We expect to resolve those technical issues soon,” Rader said. Commenting on that, the general manger at Professor Joe’s Sports Pub & Pizzeria, Kristine Brower said that there are no patterns to which games are being blacked out and there is even no notice, which indicates that the games are being blacked out.

“It’s been totally random. The World Series game was the first time. Three weeks later there was a Sunday night football game. And this past Sunday it was the 4:30 p.m. football game. We had no heads up,” Brower said. However, reports from several reliable sources indicate that DirecTV is determined to solve the issue and to end the blackout of the games in a few weeks time.

04 Feb

DirecTV Refused To Sign A Deal With The SportsNet LA Due To The Increased Pricing

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Channels

DirecTV recently informed a federal court that the reason why they pulled out from signing a carriage deal with Time Warner Cable for SportsNet LA channel is the pricing of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball. The cable service provider, DirecTV, along with their parent company, AT&T, informed that the Justice Department has not filed a case for either anti-competitive effects or restraint of trade in their suit against the satellite TV provider over the carriage for SportsNet LA.

SportsNet LA is managed by Charter Communications and is currently owned by the Dodgers. Charter acquired a long-term deal with the baseball team in last May. Reports indicate that TWC was charging too much for SportsNet LA and DirecTV was not ready to pay this amount.

Many analysts still have no clue on how the Trump Administration’s Justice Department will pursue this case. President Trump had earlier stated that he is planning to block AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner (which is a separate company). However, in a recent statement, AT&T Chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson focused only on the impact of regulations and about creating jobs.

DirecTV remains hopeful that the court will dismiss the lawsuit “as a matter of law,” and “with prejudice.” The Justice Department charged DirecTV a few months ago for being the “ringleader” in a series of “unlawful information exchanges” with Charter Communications (before Charter acquired TWC), Cox Communications, and AT&T (before AT&T acquired DirecTV) during the negotiations of the companies for the rights to carry SportsNet LA.

Cheapest Cable

Satellite TV Provider

DirecTV informed the court that the filed complaint was only on the basis of generalized allegations of information sharing. DirecTV also noted that there is “no allegation of any multilateral agreement of communication on the negotiations, or anything else for that matter. No allegation that DirecTV’s negotiations were not in good faith, no allegation of improper communications with Dish or Verizon, who still don’t carry the channel, and no allegation that any of the distributors who allegedly would have carried the channel save for the communications had market power over TWC.”

“There is nothing in the complaint that contradicts the obvious alternative explanation that DirecTV and other distributors independently analyzed the value of the Dodgers Channel to their subscribers, tried to negotiate reasonable terms with TWC in good faith, and reached the same fundamental conclusion that TWC’s price demands were too high,” DirecTV officials added.


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