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04 May

Catching Pro Sports And Listening To Music Made Easy With Dish Network

Best Cable Deals

Catching Pro Sports

Dish Network now includes HBO as a standard pack among all the four packages. Compared to other cable TV alternatives, consumers get a wide selection via satellite TV programming. The flux of programs is on air through the Hopper HD TV too for zero fees up-front. Pick any of the following packages, and dish out your favorite channel as per whim.

Airing Channels Through The Flexi Pack

The Flexi Pack by Dish Network offers 50 plus popular channels at a price of $39.99 a month. Most of the channels are available in High Definition including TBN and Food Network.

America’s Top 120 Plus Pack

If you count the number of non-HD channels, the America’s Top 120 pack goes up to 190 plus channels. There is some fun to be had for those interested in a marathon of On-Demand movies. The Top 120 pack is available for $54.99 a month.

America’s Top 200 Plus Pack

Dish Network has up to 240 plus channels in the America’s Top 200 pack. From 190 channels in the previous pack to 240 here carries $15 extra, in turn meaning the overall cost is $69.99 a month for Top 200.

America’s Top 250 plus Pack

Cable TV Alternatives

Dish Flexi Pack

It is overwhelming to explain the number of channels available in the America’s Top 250 pack. The channels are upgraded from 240 in the previos pack to 290 here, and the monthly fee is $79.99. Surely, there is a need for a consolation price having done with all the channels.

Experiencing Dish Network

You get channels like Bravo, BBC America, MTV, and a lot more in HD with Dish Network packages, meaning it can make your inner dancer groove along to the tune. What’s more, you get to listen to punk rock with an ear for music with Dish Network channels as and when you like. You can go along with the tunes with some nuts to partake in an altogether different nirvana of entertainment. Apparently, America’s favorite entertainment activity is watching pro sports and genre movies, and with Dish Network on your side, you never have to miss out on any!

25 Apr

What Is Trending On Dish Network

Best Internet

Trending Movies & Shows

Dominant satellite providers are waging on acquiring airwaves in the recently concluded federal communications commission auction. Dish network has made its intentions clear spending a whopping $6.2 billion and filing for 5G permits with the FCC in March. Let us discuss what has prompted this move, and what is in store for the other dominant players.

Dish Network Teeing Off with Dominant Cable Providers

With this move, one would suppose homegrown consumers aspirations of acquiring cable service with better signal are on the grasp. What is in store for them and the industry at large is a tee off between T-Mobile, Verizon, and Comcast. Industry trade analysts say acquisitions and mergers are on the cards involving the three best internet providers.

Internet Providers and Mergers Trend

Word has it, that Dish network has been on the shortlist of dominant players being a kingpin of big moves. Their repute of satellite cable in itself poses a big threat to the low-frequency spectrum clocked at 600MHz speed. This merger trend also determines the loud rumors in the Internet of Things/ cyberspace as the following ones for instance.

Verizon Interested in Low-Band Entertainment

Verizon Inc has made it clear that its top brass is interested in a proposed 5G network, which provides high frequency cable. This is unsurprising for two of Verizon’s competitors, DirecTV Now and Comcast. Would Verizon go for the big move by acquiring Dish Network Sling TV streaming service?

Comcast Has Its Eyes Set On Dish Network Spectrums

Best Internet Provider

Dominant Satellite Providers

There are factions in the industry who think that Verizon and Comcast may merge with each other to provide better satellite TV combined with wireless services. However, it all depends on how well the M&A responds on time alongside some of the standard cable and internet providers.

Dish Network may sell some of their best internet services to municipalities or to health care as a remote monitoring system in a bid to avoid M&A wars. The amount $6.2 Billion is worth a lot, more than rumor could bring in and certainly up there with the standard cable providers. Further, in its filing with the FCC, the spokesperson of Dish Network had said: “Exploring joint build partnerships that could reduce overall network deployment costs for Dish.”

22 Apr

Sling TV Will Be Available On LG’s Smart TV’s

Internet Providers

Sling TV In LG Smart TV’s

In a recent announcement, the officials from Dish Network’s online streaming platform, Sling TV claimed that their service is the first virtual MVPD that has become available on LG Electronics’ connected TVs. They also added that Sling TV service is currently available on most 2016 webOS 3.0 models. Reports indicate that Sling TV will be available on the 2017 webOS 3.0 models in a few weeks.

The LG models that are currently compatible with Dish Network’s Sling TV are UH5500, UH6090, UH6100, UH6150, UH6300, 70UH6350, UH6500, UH6550, 75UH6550, UH7500, UH7700, UH8500, UH9500, OLED B6, OLED C6, OLED E6, and OLED G6. Customers who use these television sets will be also able to use the Sling TV app.

The chief product officer of Sling TV Ben Weinberger said in a recent announcement, “Even with today’s ‘always on-the-go’ lifestyle, we know watching TV from the living room is still as important to our customers as ever. Offering Sling TV on LG’s award-winning, top-of-the-line smart TVs gives viewers more control over how they watch Sling TV, so they can view their favorite programs without the need for additional devices or unnecessary input switching.”

Matt Durgin, LG Electronics USA director of content innovation said, “Joining forces with Sling TV to include their robust slate of live TV and on-demand content further expands the offerings in our webOS 3.5 and 3.0 Smart TVs. The addition of Sling TV to our strong lineup of premium content apps on our webOS platform gives consumers an incredibly wide range of content options to enjoy on our critically acclaimed LG Smart TVs led by LG OLED and LG Super UHD.”

Best Internet

Online Streaming Platform

If you have a supported LG smart TV at your home, then you will be able to see Sling TV in the LG Launcher Bar of your device when you turn it on. If you are unable to see Sling TV in the Launcher bar, go to LG Content Store and search for “Sling.” Customers who have not yet subscribed to Sling TV have the option to sign up for the service from their TV.

The parent company of Sling TV, Dish Network is one of the leading internet providers in the country. This telecom giant has also been offering some of the best internet deals to their customers over the past few years.

08 Mar

Sling TV Expanding Its Sports Programming Packages

Internet Providers

Sports Programming

Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT TV service, is widening its sports programming packages with the addition of NBR regional sports networks. This newly announced packages would be made available to the customers in selected markets later this month.

The new deal, which is announced at the start of the Major League Baseball season starting April 2, will be a delight to the customers in watching this favored sport shows on television. It will enable Sling Blue customers in accessing CSN California, CSN Bay Area, CSN Chicago, and CSN Mid-Atlantic at no additional charges involved. In addition to that, these regional networks will further aid in accessing additional NBA and NHL games.

This is an added benefit for Sling TV, as it receives MLB games national feeds from TBS, ESPN, Fox, and FS1. It is reported that YouTube is also set to jump in the v-MVPD market later this year, and would also get accessibility to regional sports networks from Fox and Yes Network. In fact, the new move by Sling matches directly with YouTube TV, as they had unveiled their plans of including regional sports networks from Comcast in their announcement earlier.

The new sports channels will be included into Sling TV’s $25 per month Blue package in selected markets only. With this, Sling TV has expanded its bundling options, appeal, and schedules since its launch into the streaming television industry in February 2015. It is only recently that the TV has introduced its extra programming packages with significant discounts in the package. It also included Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra recently to the offerings.

Cheap Internet

Sling Sports Packages

Sling CEO, Roger Lynch has stated that, “Offering access to larger, more diverse OTT TV programming options is allowing Sling TV “to attract a much broader audience than we were able to in the beginning. Plus, we’re starting to get past at least the early phase of early adopters and able to attract people who are more comfortable switching to something like this now…We’re seeing a broadening in our demographic.”

One of the notable aspects of this announcement is that Sling TV is offering these regional sports networks for users in its core platforms and not confining it to the add-on tiers. Sling has also not raised the prices in process of its RSN additions, which is yet another noteworthy feature.

07 Mar

Sling TV Announces Extra Channel Package For $10

Dish TV

Extra Channel Package

Sling TV has announced a new double channel lineup for the customers at a price of $10. This has been the result of a new pricing plan introduced by TV provider in delivering the favored channels to the customers at an affordable price. Currently, the new pricing option has an addition of over 40 networks at a subscription rate of $10 per month.

Sling has also offered its “Multi Extra Discount” that gives the subscribers an option for many channel packages including the Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra. The package was previously available at $20 and this new proposal effectively doubles the available channel options of Sling.

Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers are eligible for availing the packages included in this new offer. This will be a highly valuable option for both the customers to access some of the best channel packages available in the network. Through this plan, Sling Orange customers can get access to about 80 networks for just $30 a month.

For Sling Blue customers, the same numbers of networks are available for a fee of $35 per month. In addition to that, customers who have subscribed to both the Sling Blue and Sling Orange service will have access to about 90 networks for a monthly fee of $50. For existing customers already utilizing many of Sling’s packages like Sling TV Lifestyle Plus Extra, Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra plan, there will be discount of $10 in their next bill.

Dish Network Packages

Multi Extra Discount

The Chief Marketing Officer for Sling TV, Glenn Eisen had stated about this new plan for the customers in a recent blog post. “Most people tell us they don’t want the ‘big, bigger, biggest’ bundles that come with old TV packaging like cable and DirecTV Now,” he said. “But, as more consumers leave traditional pay TV services, we’re seeing a growing consumer segment that is looking for a bigger channel lineup.”

Eisen further added that, “Sling TV’s model is centered around providing consumers with choice and control. This consumer-friendly model is further advantaged by industry-leading pricing. And now, we even beat DirecTV Now at their old TV pricing game.”

With this offer, Sling TV provides a good choice for the customers in adding on any extra networks and packages of their choice. The options for the addition of basic bundles or any extra packages like sports are also available in the service.

24 Feb

We Are Prepared For Potential Mergers And Acquisitions – Dish CEO

Best Internet

Dish Network CEO

CEO of Dish Network, Charlie Ergen recently said that a deal that swaps assets between Dish Network and their sister company, EchoStar, will set up the satellite TV business for many mergers that is expected in the mobile internet and television industries. Ergen was speaking on a conference call that discussed the quarterly financial earnings and results of Dish Network. He also shed some light on the reasons for the deal between EchoStar Corp. and Dish Network that was announced last month.

It is reported that Dish Network is acquiring the satellite ground infrastructure, technology development, and TV set-top building operations of EchoStar. In addition, Dish Network will have total ownership and control of the streaming service, Sling TV after the merger.

The main business of EchoStar will be owning and maintaining satellites, and selling the services of their Hughes Communications subsidiary. “It made more sense for Dish to be in control of its own destiny, and Hughes can focus on where they want to be,” Ergen said.

Charlie Ergen is the founder, Chairman, and controlling shareholder of both Dish Network and EchoStar Corp., as both of them was a single company before the spinoff of January 2008. Major players in the satellite TV and cable businesses were unable to discuss merger and acquisition deals for many months owing to the anti-collusion rules related to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission auction of mobile internet spectrum that is sold by the broadcast TV businesses and stations.

Best Internet Providers

Satellite TV Services

It is expected that the anti-collusion rules will be lifted by the month of April. The telecommunication business have been busy with speculations about attempts to merge Washington-based T-Mobile, and Kansas-based Sprint Corp or the New York based Verizon and Dish Network. One of the best internet providers in the US, Charter Communications, and cable TV company, Comcast Corporation, are also exploring the possibilities to have a wireless internet service of their own. It is reported that Comcast and Charter have also discussed potential mergers to offer the best internet service in the country.

Ergen has also tried to make deals with T-Mobile and Sprint in the years 2013 and 2014, with an aim to start wireless internet services, on the many unused frequencies worth millions of dollars, which Dish Network has acquired over the years.

13 Feb

Dish Network’s New Ad Campaign May Help Them To Win Back Customers

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Offers

One of the leading cable service providers, Dish Network suffered a huge subscriber loss over the last few months. Reports indicate that the cable provider is determined to prevent this alarming customer loss and the newly launched ad campaign might actually help them to do so.

The new ad campaign puts stress on the fact that the cable provider is always listening to their customers and their satisfaction is of prime importance to the telecom company. The new campaign, which is titled as “Tuned In To You” relies entirely on a “Spokeslistener.”

The officials from Dish Network noted that Spokelistener poses a serious challenge to the typical traditional spokesman who generally speak to customers rather than listening to them. Moreover, Spokeslistener effectively illustrates the common issues and frustrations experienced by the cable customers through a series of radio, digital, and TV ads. Spokelistener also illustrates the solutions that Dish Network can offer to solve these issues.

Dish Network president and chief operating officer, Erik Carlson recently said, “Customers just want to be heard in an industry that has forsaken its ability to listen. ‘Tuned In To You’ is more than a marketing slogan. It’s a company-wide rallying cry and a long-term business philosophy. DISH has a history of putting our customers first and taking bold steps to make TV better. We are at our best when we listen to and fight for what our customers want.”

However, Dish is not just running ad campaigns to win back their subscribers. The cable provider has also launched a new training program in their October dubbed Base Camp. Some of Dish Network’s frontline employees who work with their customers will be a part of this training program.

Dish Network

Dish Network Customers

Carlson added, “The notion that management should roll back its sleeves and work with its customer base is almost unheard of in corporate America. But we can’t possibly fulfill on our ‘Tuned In To You’ promise without a working knowledge of our customers and the interactions they have with our brand.”

Reports from several reliable sources point out that Dish Network is trying to graduate 700 of their employees through the Base Camp by the end of the year 2017 and some of the trainees are senior leaders of the telecom company. Dish Network is hopeful that these new strategies will help them to win back customers.

13 Feb

Sling TV Offers Free Preview Alongside Extending Its Cloud DVR Trial

Dish Network Channel List

Sling TV Service

Sling TV is providing a free preview of its service as well as expanding the availability of its cloud DVR trial. This announcement came on behalf of the second anniversary of Dish Network’s renowned MPVD platform.

The free preview is available for interested customers wishing to subscribe to the network. The free preview provides Sling Orange, a channel lineup owned by the service. In addition, selected content such as live NCAA College and NBA basketball games are also provided in the preview.

Reports say that a free preview of Sling TV’s premium offering like HBO and Starz programming is available for the existing customers. The free preview offers many advantages to the customers in the form of good content for a specific period. It will aid new subscribers in getting acquainted with the various services and benefits of using Sling TV. The free preview will further enable the viewers to watch the mid season premiere of the popular television series including The Walking Dead.

Sling TV has also made another major offering of extending its cloud DVR trial to the users of Amazon Fire TV and Android devices. The proposed DVR rollout is in beta testing with more additions to follow like Apple TV. In December, Sling TV has launched the beta version of its cloud DVR for Roku devices users. This service allows users to record about 100 hours of programming without obliging them to pay any additional charges.

Dish Network Channels

Cloud DVR Trial

Note that there is no option to select the quality of recording, whether it is in Standard or High Definition, although it provides a range of other playback functions like pausing, fast forwarding, and rewinding of the streamed content. However, Sling has only offered specific content to license in its cloud DVR program.

Dish Network rolled out Sling TV in February 2015 with an intention of providing quality live TV programming and content via the internet. They started out with just one service that included 3 extras and over 25 channels. The service has been an immense success with further expansion into 2 base servers, 7 extras, and 3 premium channels, and over 100 channels along with 30,000 Video on Demand content.

Experts say that this provision made by Sling TV on its second anniversary is an attempt to widen its subscriber base and compete with other leading streaming TV providers.

10 Feb

Estrella TV Signs Multi Year Carriage Agreement With Dish

Dish Network Packages

Estrella TV On Dish

A recent announcement made by the officials from Estrella TV confirms that the Spanish language broadcaster has signed a multi-year carriage agreement with one of the leading cable service providers in the country, Dish Network. However, both the parties refused to give an insight into the terms of this recent deal.

LBI Media, the parent company of the Spanish language broadcaster Estrella TV, noted that the multi-year agreement with Dish Network was a part of the broadcasters plan to expand their distribution and presence in the United States. LBI Media also noted that Dish subscribers will be able to access an watch the contents of the network on the cable provider’s DishLatino Clasico packages and on America’s Top 200 package.

This recently signed agreement with Dish Network has considerably boosted the national distribution of Estrella TV. The company claimed that more than 40 million homes in the United States would be able to watch the contents offered by the network.

LBI Media stated that the agreement with Dish Network “significantly expands Estrella TV’s distribution influence and bolsters Estrella TV’s growing presence in the Hispanic television market, consolidating Estrella TV as one of the leading Spanish language television networks in the U.S.”

In a recent statement, the Vice President of DishLatino said, “We are proud to be the leader in delivering TV entertainment in Spanish and English, and as a result, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the experience for our customers. Because of this agreement, the majority of DishLatino customers can now enjoy Estrella TV’s line-up, including its popular game shows and comedies.”

Best Cable Deals

Estrella TV Shows

The senior vice president, distribution and affiliate sales, LBI Media, Cathy Lewis Edgerton said, “Hispanic audiences in the US are demanding new entertainment programming. Estrella TV Network has been betting on a counterprogramming strategy since its inception in 2009 before it was a trending topic among Spanish language television networks. This agreement with Dish corroborates the importance of Estrella TV’s programming in the U.S. Hispanic market.”

America’s Top 200 package is one of the most popular Dish Network packages and it offers customers access to more than 24 popular channels for just $69.99 a month. Some of the most popular channels included in this package are Fox News, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, History, ESPN, and CNN, and the addition of Estrella TV will surely attract more customers to the offer.

06 Feb

Dish Network Consolidates EchoStar DBS Assets

Best Cable Deals

Dish Network Assets

Dish Network recently said that they have reached an agreement with the EchoStar Corp. The agreement is made consolidate its Direct Broadcast Satellite operations and assets. Dish Network said that the deal would give them end-to-end control of their OTT service. The agreement will transfer some of the EchoStar assets operations and assets to Dish.

In a statement, Dish Network said that the deal would involve the transfer of some of the assets and operations of EchoStar, which also include the EchoStar Technologies hardware and software development group, its managed fiber network that is spread across the nation, its regional and national uplink business, and its OTT development team to Dish. The transfer will be done in exchange for Dish Network’s 80% economic interest in Hughes Retail Group. Hughes Retail Group houses the satellite broadband business of Dish in the form of a tracking stock.

Dish Network will also get EchoStar’s 10% stake in Sling TV, wireless spectrum licenses that cover 4 markets in 28 GHz and some of the real estate properties. Sling TV was launched by Dish network in 2015 and currently the service has about 900,000 customers. Dish Network will continue to market their satellite broadband services under the dishNET brand to their rural users.

Dish Network Channel Guide

OTT Development Team

This deal is made eight years after Dish has split itself to two different units, EchoStar for the equipment side and Dish Network for the satellite pay TV service. Recently, EchoStar said that they would stop making standalone Slingboxes. Slingbox was the pioneer in video place shifting device and Sling Media has stopped making Slingbox devices, but they will continue selling the remaining inventory. Users who are interested in getting a Slingbox can buy one before the stocks end or get one from online outlets that still sell them.

“With this transaction we will vertically integrate all the elements that define our customer experience – one team will deliver the full Dish and Sling TV experience end to end,” Dish president Erik Carlson said in a statement. “Not only do we gain full control of product development roadmap for DBS and Sling TV but we also anticipate achieving operational efficiencies.”

It is expected that the transaction will be closed by the first quarter of 2017.


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