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04 Aug

What Subscribers Should Know About FCC And ISP Broadband Speeds

Fastest Internet Provider

ISP Broadband Speeds

To find the best internet provider in the US, subscribers could do some preliminary research before signing an agreement with the first provider they come across. When it is about choosing a cheap internet service provider, the speed aspect should be considered well, since speed and affordability would give subscribers a worthy bundle. After finding out the fastest internet provider and their best package, the next step in attaining subscription is gauging whether the said ISP offers that service in your area.

The FCC recommended download speeds would help you decide on the minimum download speed in any region. Federal Communication Commission stipulates 500 Kbps speed for emailing, 1.5 Mbps for streaming movies on content driven platforms, and 4 Mbps each for online gaming and tele-learning. Do remember that the FCC stipulated download speeds apply to individual users only and that if your family consists of two, then you would want double the internet speed to access more data.

The 80/80 speed of broadband was one of the major findings in the Measuring Broadband America report of FCC last year. This measures the Internet Service Providers’ performance consistency over peak periods of internet usage, i.e. from 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Telco giants such as Charter Communications®, Time Warner Cable®, and Verizon® performed well with values soaring above 90 percent of the FCC stipulated speeds in 2016. However, the ratio for AT&T® DSL, Frontier®, and Viasat® broadband was 50%.

Cheap Internet

The Measuring Broadband America Report

Regardless, these are some of the fastest internet providers in the US as prime time alone cannot be used as a metric to know who downloads videos on the internet or who is watching a Game of Thrones episode on a Sunday night.

As per FCC, 25 Mbps download speed would qualify an ISP as the fastest internet provider in 2017. This was a sudden jump from 4 Mbps before it, and the ISPs have shown protests regarding the stipulation in the Senate of late. Further, a mere mention of best internet and high-speed internet doesn’t necessarily guarantee that ISPs follows FCC stipulations, but these terms are used interchangeably with broadband in general.

Suffice to say it, only the best Internet Service Providers follow the FCC stipulations in the US, even as the veto power remains with subscribers.

04 Aug

The Best Satellite Internet Options For Your RV

Best Internet

Satellite Internet Options

If you have a recreational vehicle, one of the first things you would want to ensure when going on a trip would be the best internet connection and uninterrupted cable service to the RV. Obviously, finding the right bundle plans of both cable as well as best internet would be a child’s play if you can find the best internet providers operating in a region. Below is a guide to help you set up satellite internet in an RV.

Find Accessibility

Carriers such as Dish Network®, DirecTV®, and HughesNet® offer uninterrupted satellite internet service in some regions of America. Dish Network® and DirecTV® do not provide an antenna that can be accessed on-the-go in an RV. However, neither of the carriers restricts subscribers from buying an antenna from Winegard®, KING® or KVH®. Subscribers are also allowed to pair DirecTV® with an RVDataSat® system to get satellite internet in an RV.

Chose The Best Antennas

Subscribers cannot take the dish off their home’s roof and place that atop an RV, but there are simple tripod mounted satellite dishes, which can be setup in an RV. This equipment has antennas pointing upwards to receive signals from the satellite TV provider. What’s more, the best satellite antennas are slim in size, portable, and not only find the signals from DirecTV® or Dish Network® with DVR tunes and HD receivers automatically, but also offer in motion data.

Acquire Service

Internet Providers

Best Satellite Antennas

Existing as well as new wireless subscribers could buy mobile satellite and get pay-as-you-go services of Internet Service Providers to lend purpose to their recreational activities. Dish Network®, T-Mobile®, HughesNet®, etc., provide the best internet service through satellite in America. Further, the Dish® pay-as-you-go system has no contracts hence it can be used frequently or seldom as you wish.

Experts in the telecommunications segment say that the best satellite internet for RV can be gotten through RVDataSat® 840 Antenna with an optional LNB for DirecTV® Choice programming. Ultimately, to use or not use satellite internet in an RV is a veto power left with the subscribers. So, when you chose best internet providers and satellite internet in a given region, you need to chose wisely.

03 Aug

Charter® Suffers Huge Subscriber Loss In Q2

Internet Providers

Huge Subscriber Loss

One of the fastest internet providers in the United States, Charter Communications® recently confirmed that they had lost approximately 90,000 TV customers in the second quarter of 2017. Interestingly, the officials from the telecom company stated that they had lost 152,000 in the same period last year. So, they think that this is actually an improvement.

Despite the loss of TV subscribers, Charter® has still managed to position themselves as the second largest cable providers in the country and they are slightly behind Comcast®, who is currently the leading cable provider in the U.S. at present.

Reports indicate that Charter® was not the only telecom company who suffered customer losses during the second quarter. It seems that the telecom giant, AT&T® lost approximately 351,000 fiber TV and traditional satellite TV customers during the second quarter of the year, whereas Comcast Corporation® lost just 45,000 residential TV customers during the same period. Reports also claim that Verizon® shed only 15,000 Fios Video subscribers, which is actually an improvement on their part, because the telecom company had suffered a loss of 21,000 subscribers during Q1.

Charter® had finished the rollout of their Spectrum® brand and residential pricing and packaging in legacy Bright House Network® and TWC® areas back in June. The telecom company has also completed the switch to Spectrum® packaging and pricing for both small scale and large-scale businesses in Bright House Networks® and Time Warner Cable® markets earlier this m0nth.

Best Internet

Spectrum® Packaging And Pricing

The chairman and CEO of Charter Communications®, Tom Rutledge said, “We are now offering a simple, high-value product across our 50 million passings, under one brand, Spectrum®. That product is working in the marketplace, and we continue to see higher year-over-year customer connect volumes across our new footprint.”

The second quarter of 2017 is certainly bad to Charter® when it comes to TV front, but on the broadband front, the telecom company has added about 231,000 residential internet subscribers. Reports indicate that the telecom giant ended the second quarter with 22.0 million residential broadband customers.

The officials from the telecom giant also stated that they are currently offering minimum broadband internet speed of 100 megabits per second to more than 50 percent of their customers. However, the minimum internet speed available to the remaining Charter® customers is 60 Mbps. So, despite the figures, your best bet at acquiring the best internet deal is still Charter®.

02 Aug

Cardinals And Cox® Announce Marketing And Technology Partnership

Best Internet Service

Marketing And Technology Partnership

Cox Communications® and the Arizona Cardinals recently announced a multimillion dollar, multiyear partnership in Phoenix, which expands and extends a partnership between both the businesses back in 2006. As per the partnership, Cox® Business will be the exclusive technology provider and partner for both Cardinals and University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale.

“Through this partnership, Cox® will provide a broad range of services and products that will not only deliver the best possible stadium experience for Cardinals fans, but also enhance the organization’s technological capabilities on a daily basis,” said Cardinals President Michael Bidwill.

Services offered by Cox Communications® include internet and telecommunication services, cable TV, Wi-Fi, video transmissions, and network infrastructure. It will be the responsibility of the Cox® Business to offer technical support to the team for all the important events and to ensure that the technology of the stadium operates seamlessly without any issues.

“It has been a privilege to deliver technology services to the team and the stadium for more than a decade,” said Ed Aaronson, vice president for Cox® Business in Arizona. “This expansion of our relationship will further enhance our ability to partner with the Cardinals to deliver the premier fan experience.”

Cardinals and Cox® will also provide a virtual reality interactive experience for all the fans, which will be similar to the training tools used by the Cardinals players and coaches. Fans of Arizona Cardinals will experience a feeling of being on the field practicing with their favorite team, standing on the field during the pre game player introduction sessions and taking part in the coin toss.

Cheap Internet

Exclusive Technology Provider

The free virtual reality experience offered by Cox® for the fans will provided at the upper concourse of the stadium, on the fifth quarterdeck during home games of the Cardinals. The partnership between Cox® and Cardinals features technology product integration of Cox® throughout the training complex of Cardinals and University of Phoenix Stadium, and will include marketing, promotional, community relations and fan activation initiatives.

The University of Phoenix Stadium is hone to the annual Fiesta Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals. The stadium also hosts many international soccer events, large-scale events like super bowl, major concerts like the U2 and the recent NCAA Final Four.

Cox Communications® is the third largest private employer in Arizona and one of the best internet service providers in the country that serves about 3 million business and residential users in Arizona.

01 Aug

Cox® Steps Up Its DOCSIS 3.1-Based Gigabit Rollout

Best Internet Providers

DOCSIS 3.1 Broadband Services

Cox Communications® has declared that it has commenced the testing of its DOCSIS 3.1 based broadband services as a part of its next phase of gigabit rollout. The Telco has begun the testing among its employees and will soon make available this gigabit networking technology in some of the markets by the end of the year.

Cox® intends to use its existing HFC networks for introducing the DOCSIS 3.1 based broadband services. With these new developments, the Telco has edged itself as a pioneer in offering advanced connectivity services. Moreover, it has also stepped up the competition of gigabit rollout among the other best internet providers operating in the country.

A newly released statement by Cox® states, “Our current deployment schedule is ahead of many providers: 40% of the households we serve nationwide will have access to Gigabit speeds by the end of 2017, and we will continue to aggressively expand the availability of our customers going forward.”

Previously, Cox® had declared its Gigablast platform that offered targeted speeds of one Gbps. The Telco released this as a fiber to the home platform and made this service available in all of the key markets in the country. With its initial launch in Phoenix, Cox® stated that it will expand this Gigablast platform into 18 states across the country. Gigablast is much faster than an average DSL connection and offers a host of notable features such as fast in-home WiFi, Cox® Security Plus protection, etc.

After the nationwide rollout of this service, the company announced its next phase of making available gigabit services across the country through DOCSIS 3.1 networking technology. According to the company statement, “Bottom-line, we remain fully committed to gigabit internet, and we’re about to step on the gas hard with the next deployment phase.”

Internet Providers

Gigabit Networking Technology

According to their current deployment plans, Cox® intends to make the gigabit speeds to about 40 percent of the homes by the year-end. As a part of its rollout, Cox® has approved a set of DOCSIS 3.1 modems currently sold in the retail market such as Motorola MB8600, Arris Surfboard 8200 and Netgear CM1000. Moreover, the Telco is also phasing out its existing older models of the D1.1-based modems.

Cox® has begun the recall of these modems citing them outdated in the currently developing network infrastructure. Meanwhile, Cox® has also announced that it will provide replacement modems to customers using DOCSIS 1.1 modems at no extra charges.

01 Aug

Charter Communication Not Interested In Sprint Merger

Fastest Internet Provider

Charter®-Sprint® Merger

Cable operator Charter Communications® said that they are not interested in acquiring the US wireless provider, Sprint® Corp. Now the majority owner of Sprint® Corp, SoftBank® Group Corp, will have to find other ways to negotiate a merger.

A merger between Sprint® and Charter® would have lead to the formation of the fastest internet provider that will be capable of offering a one-stop solution for all users who are searching for mobile and internet services. In addition, the combined will have a stronger footing to make infrastructure that is necessary for the 5G wireless technology.

Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank®, Masayoshi Son made an acquisition offer for Charter®; however, Charter® declined the offer. “We understand why a deal is attractive for SoftBank®, but Charter® has no interest in acquiring Sprint,” a Charter® representative said.

The potential bid of SoftBank® for Charter® will follow the conclusion of the 2 months negotiations with Comcast® and Charter® over Sprint® serving as their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which allows them to use its network infrastructure to provide wireless based internet services.

“We have a very good MVNO relationship with Verizon Communications® Inc and intend to launch wireless services to cable customers next year,” the Charter® spokesman added. The interest of SoftBank® in Charter Communications® also shows that they are in the search of alternatives to have a strong hand in the negotiations with T-Mobile®. “This could be a way to gain leverage in a T-Mobile deal,” Amy Yong, a Macquarie analyst said about the pursuit of Charter® by Son.

Best Internet

Wireless Services For Cable Customers

The bid for Charter® by SoftBank®, with a market capitalization of 90.3 billion dollars (9.9 trillion yen) can be a stretch for their finances, say analysts. The market capitalization of Sprint® is just 32.8 billion dollars and has about same amount in debt.

The bid for Charter® made by SoftBank® Group offering them majority control on the deal will need raising many billions of dollars in new debt and may push them to leverage their assets like 43% stake in the Yahoo® Japan Corp and 29.5% share in the Chinese business Alibaba® Group Holding Ltd. The price expectations of the largest shareholder of Charter®, Liberty Broadband Corp. of Jomnh Malone will also be a big hurdle for SoftBank®. However, these might not be needed now as Charter® has declined the deal from SoftBank®.

28 Jul

CenturyLink® Offers Hybrid SD WAN

Best Internet Service

Centurylink® Alliance Advantage Program

CenturyLink® is now releasing managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) plans and packages for the hybrid environments. CenturyLink® said that the new services would offer traffic flow over MPLS broadband internet connections and networks.

The “Application-aware routing” technique makes use of information like network latency and application requirements to decide on the path to be taken. Those who have membership with the CenturyLink® Alliance Advantage program could sell the solution.

John DeLozier, who is the vice president of channel alliances of CenturyLink® said that their partners are now better equipped to assist customers who have just one service provider and is looking for a hybrd WAN. “With CenturyLink® Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions, our partners can now offer their customers complete, ‘as-a-service’ hybrid SD-WAN offerings with CenturyLink® providing the SD-WAN platform and management, along with transport (MPLS and broadband Internet) and management of the entire WAN for a single bundled price,” DeLozier said.

Troy Trenchard, who is the vice president of product management at CenturyLink® said that the new offering from CenturyLink® will offer high performance and improved business security for all their cloud-hosted applications. “Businesses are looking to evolve their networks to better support their mission-critical business and cloud initiatives,” Trenchard said. “Our Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions enable businesses to leverage their existing investments in MPLS while adding next-generation network capabilities.”

Experts from CenturyLink® said that their solutions have built-in encryption, segmentation, and security policy control. They added that it is also possible to integrate their managed security services into the latest offerings. CenturyLink® said in one of their announcements that they are one of the few internet service providers in the country that offer Wide Area Network packages as a monthly service.

Best Internet

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking

“CenturyLink® Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions allow businesses to accelerate their transformation to next-generation networks by alleviating the integration, operations and performance management complexities associated with creating hybrid WAN environments,” the company wrote in their announcement. “CenturyLink® provides core infrastructure, design and implementation, security, transport and provider management, along with centralized monitoring and management.”

CenturyLink® made the announcement about the managed SD-WAN service in the previous month, but the hybrid capabilities is what makes the recent announcement important for businesses that are looking to have the best internet service. Stay tuned for more news from CenturyLink®.

28 Jul

Republicans Ask Google®, Facebook®, and AT&T® To Testify At Net Neutrality Hearing

Best Internet Provider

Debate Over Net Neutrality

The chairman of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee recently asked the chief executives of a few telecom and tech companies such as AT&T®, Comcast Corporation®, Google®, and Facebook® to testify before the U.S. Congress in September to settle the heated debate over net neutrality.

It seems that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is planning to toss out the net neutrality rules established by the Obama Administration, which reclassified internet service as a public utility. The existing net neutrality rules prevent internet providers from slowing or blocking websites. In addition to that, internet service providers are also not able to allow websites to pay for “fast lanes” over other competitors. As a result, some of the major tech companies and leading internet providers in the country were divided over the net neutrality rules.

Internet providers wanted the Congress to step in to solve the issue and write permanent net neutrality laws. On the other hands, websites claimed that that the Obama era net neutrality laws are critical for preserving the open internet.

It is evident that the outcome of this debate will have a huge impact on the potential profits of the involved companies and even on the future of the internet economy. The heads of Charter Communications® and Netflix® are also asked to testify along with other members.

Several companies stated that they are currently reviewing the letter but they refused to share whether they will be testifying or not. The officials from Comcast Corporation® stated that they are welcoming the hearing and “believe the best way to stop the regulatory ping-pong on this important issue is for Congress to enact bipartisan legislation.”

Internet Providers

Net Neutrality Ground Rules

One of the Republican representatives and committee chairperson, Greg Walden said, “A strong consensus is forming across party lines and across industries that it’s time for Congress to call a halt on the back-and-forth and set clear net neutrality ground rules for the internet. The time has come to get everyone to the table and get this figured out.”

However, Democrats want Republicans to invite consumers and small business to the hearing as well, and not just CEOs of the “largest corporations in the world with a combined market capitalization of nearly $2.5 trillion,” said Communications and Technology Subcommittee Ranking member Mike Doyle and Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking member Frank Pallone, Jr.

26 Jul

Comcast® To Begin Its New ‘Internet Of Things’ Service In Detroit

Best Internet Service

Internet Of Things Service

Comcast Corporation® has announced that it will commence its latest Internet of Things (IoT) service in Detroit in the coming months. Along with its best internet service, Comcast® intends to extend this new technology into 12 of the key markets in the country.

Known as machineQ, this service is mainly targeted for businesses and municipal organizations operating in the region as an efficient and cost effective means to collect, transmit, and analyze data obtained from internet-connected devices. Apart from Detroit, Comcast® intends to roll out its Internet of Things service in Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Miami, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Oakland, and Washington DC by 2018.

Comcast® has selected Detroit for deploying the service in view of the growing business sector in the region, huge market potential and existing communication infrastructure of the company. Alex Khorram, general manager of machineQ stated, “Detroit is one of our biggest networks. Before, (IoT) technology was prohibitive — cost too much, took too much power. Standardization is driving down cost and now that the technology is there, we can provide this network.”

Previously, Comcast® has commenced the research and development of the service as well as carried out trials in Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The company used a low powered wireless IoT network via open radio frequencies for linking utilities such as parking meters, pipeline monitoring sensors and wireless devices. MachineQ is chiefly set up in Detroit’s central business district and will expand in the rest of the areas of the city by the first quarter of 2018.

Many internet providers have invested in developing and installing Internet of Things service across major parts of the country. This has been possible due to the advanced wireless internet connectivity and technology available in the cities. Comcast’s new IoT service will also benefit start-up companies in the region to develop innovations in the technology sector.

Internet Providers

Low Powered Wireless Iot Network

A startup company has tested the IoT network from Comcast® to identify and repair potholes in the roadways by deploying sensors to the vehicles. According to the company, “Using the service, organizations are empowered to use data taken from the physical world, learn from it, and make better-informed, data-based decisions to improve how they serve customers, tenants and citizens.”

The trial service will be made accessible to numerous businesses and organizations located in Detroit soon. During the trials, Comcast® intends to assess each of the markets for determining the availability of resources in the regions.

26 Jul

Charter® Plans To Shake Up The TV Channel Lineup

Cheap Internet

New Lineup Of Channels

One of the fastest internet providers in the U.S, Charter Communications® had earlier acquired Time Warner Cable® and Bright House Network® to bring about a change in their strategies. The combination of these three massive telecom companies created a leading broadband services and technology company, which will be serving approximately 25 million subscribers in 41 states of the country.

After Charter® completed the merger of Time Warner Cable®, a local TWC® customer complained that he was not able to access two of his popular channels, Day Star and TBN, in the new lineup of channels. He said, “They took them off and won’t return them. They were not on the line-up for Spectrum® when it changed from Time Warner Cable®.”

The local Charter Spectrum® office asked the customer to visit the official website of Charter Spectrum® and look at the list of Spectrum® channels by the local zip code to get details on the new channel lineup of the telecom service provider. This means that Charter® might be planning to shake up the channel lineup.

However, a field communications manager from Spectrum/Charter® company office reacted to the issue by stating that, “Regarding the question from a citizen there (Kerrville), this programming is temporarily unavailable due to the configuration of Spectrum programming practices. We hope TBN and Day Star will return to our channel line-up soon.”

Officials from the telecom company added that the new combined advanced network would offer customers better video products, faster broadband internet speed, cheap internet and TV deals, as well as affordable phone service. Reports indicate that the product and network investment of Charter® along with their customer-friendly operating strategy will most likely result in financial and customer growth for the company.

Internet Providers

Configuration Of Spectrum Programming

Chairman and CEO of Charter Communications®, Tom Rutledge said, “I want to thank the management teams and all of the employees at Charter®, Time Warner Cable®, and Bright House Networks® for their hard work over these past 12 months.”

“Despite much distraction, they kept their focus on the customer, and as a result, today we join together three companies, each operating with tremendous momentum,” He added. “Current Bright House Networks® and Time Warner Cable® customers won’t see many changes right away, though in the coming months they will begin to hear more from us about the Spectrum® brand, and the product improvements and consumer friendly policies that come with it.”

Rutledge further said that, “Charter’s objective is to provide high quality products at great prices, and back it up with excellent customer service, and we intend to continually improve the way we do business in order to be the very best at what we do.”


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