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09 Feb

5 Reasons You May Want To Lay Off Cutting The Cord

DirecTV Choice Package

Satellite Vs Streaming

Ever since it became possible to watch videos uninterrupted on computers and other digital devices, cord cutting has been growing as a trend. But leave aside what everyone else is doing for a minute, Think on the effects of ditching your DirecTV or Dish connection (cable isn’t really worth hanging on to) and moving to a streaming service full-time. Following are some of the things which are bound to affect you.

Streaming Has Limited Content

Back when Netflix was as big as it ever was, we got to watch loads of premium movies. It was good while it lasted; I certainly partook. But then their Hollywood contracts ran out and the premium experience was off the table. If you want the maximum number of movies with real stars, traditional Pay TV is still the best option. And we all know satellite TV trumps cable in that category.

Streaming Can’t Deliver The Same Quality

There is always a way to watch a movie, but HD quality isn’t guaranteed in every one of them. If you are particular about consistent quality in the content you get to watch, then satellite is the best option to go with. Cord cutting would deprive you of that in many instances.

Satellite Service Is Guaranteed To Work

DirecTV Packages

Cons Of Cord Cutting

With streaming services, there is always the lingering doubt if they will go off when you are engrossed in a movie or show, or worse, a game. The sound could diminish in quality, or you could get bombarded with non-stop messages saying you don’t have the right plug-in installed. The worst scenario is when you try to play an incompatible format, or there is no English language option for the piece you want to watch.

Satellite doesn’t serve up any of these issues, and if they do occur anytime, you are just a phone call away from having it fixed. You don’t need to watch for bugs or the software going out of date. The choices are simple, and the features available.


Streamed content often drags in ads, because these are a source of revenue for the service. You cannot skip these right away or avoid them altogether, and that gets in the way of watching the program. Satellite programs and movies don’t usually have ads, and there is nothing that you have to click through or get past to enjoy what you were actually meaning to watch.

Regional Restrictions

Digital content sources like YouTube have lots of geographically licensed content, which still shows up in search results even if you cannot watch the video. Satellite plays all its content, anywhere, anytime.

These are some of the reasons why you may not want to rush into cord cutting just yet, if ever.

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