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11 Jul

Are Streaming Services Getting Better Than Cable Packages?

Dish Network

Streaming Services

Channels that were once confined to the cable network are now available on internet with streaming services. Along with movies and TV, you can also watch live sports.

Dish Network’s Sling TV and Sony’s PlayStation VUE are the prime leaders in the arena, offering many popular channels like CNN, ESPN, and HGTV. And they even work on your smartphone or tablet.

Sling TV offers two packages for $20 per month. The first package has 20 channels including ESPN and ESPN2 and allows only one user; while the other package has 30 channels consisting of Fox Sports, national, and local channels. The latter pack allows three users simultaneously. Sling also provides add-on packages like HBO, Cinemax, and other sports and kids channels.

Dish Network Packages

TV Viewing Trends

On the other hand, Sony’s PlayStation VUE allows 5 users to stream simultaneously and offers 3 packages containing 50 channels, 70 channels, and 100 channels. In order to get the channels, you can use either an Amazon Fire TV device or a Sony console, and it is not necessary to have a PlayStation console. You can even access the services on any major streaming devices except Apple TV.

Things To Note

Make sure you have a broadband connection with good speed before cutting the cord. Streaming services use various remotes and devices to get your channel as compared to the cable TV that uses a single remote. You will be using your TVs remote to get local channels, as local stations will be connecting to an indoor HD TV antenna.

The rest of the contents like movies, streaming, and on-demand programming will be from a streaming media box like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. In that case, you will be using their remote.

On your streaming device, you will have to browse through Netflix, HBO, and Hulu Plus to get your shows. If you are having multiple users browsing simultaneously, then you will have to calculate your probable expense in order to upgrade your internet bandwidth speeds as well.

It is seen that, many viewers are dropping their cable TV packages these days, and are switching to streaming services that offers many internet-based options. If you are doubtful, then use the seven-day trial before making the final decision.

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