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04 Jul

Move On To Best Satellite TV Provider

Dish Network

Satellite TV Provider

Before taking a connection for TV, you should go through all the available options. Cable TV has slight disadvantages when compared to satellite TV providers; to name one, cable provides lesser channels when compared to satellite TV providers. Cable TVs require multiple repeaters and network configuration in order to reach all customers. By doing so, it degrades the quality of picture and sound. Whereas in satellite TV, customers experience high quality entertainment because of direct line of sight communication between satellite and receivers.

When it comes to satellite TV, the main competitors these days are Dish Network and DirecTV. Both providers offer the best services and a great number of channels. So, it is better to compare both in order to find the one which suits you needs in the best way.

Comparing Dish Vs DirecTV


Cable TVs Alternatives

Both Dish and DirecTV offer a 2-year price lock contract. The price of DirecTV however, is slightly higher when compared to Dish Network. Nevertheless, DirecTV gives you more sports channels and full time HD channels.

Dish Network’s DVR, known as Hopper, features automatic skipping of commercials after 24 hours. It also offers 4K video resolution and on demand contents. It even allows users to download content on mobile or computer. The DVR storage is around 2 TB, which allows 5oo hrs worth of HD recording and 2000 hrs worth of SD recording. Hopper could record up to 6 shows simultaneously.

DirecTV’s DVR, known as Genie, has features like home security, TiVo integration, PIP, and an exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket. Simultaneous recording of shows is limited to five here, but DirecTV allows up to eight TV’s per home. Genie is able to predict your viewing habits and can also record it for you, if you prefer.

Both Dish Network and DirecTV have pros and cons. Dish TV’s HD DVR is superior in terms of storage and connectivity to other devices, where DirecTV has the access to most sports channels and full time HD channels and is perfect for movie and sports fans. They have good customer care service throughout the country as well.

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