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07 Feb

Sling TV Vs Netflix – Which One Is The Best Streaming Service

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Sling TV Vs Netflix

We all know that the era of using cable connection to watch our favorite shows and programming is the story of the past. Live video streaming is the recent trend and it has replaced the traditional cable connections. Today, users can have a plethora of live streaming services that can be used to watch video over the internet.

Sling TV from Dish Network and Netflix are the two most competitive live streaming service providers. Let us look into the main similarities and differences between both these live streaming services.



The monthly charges for both the services is between 7.99 dollars to 11.99 dollars and this price range is a very much reasonable to watch unlimited video over the internet.

HD Live Streaming

Sling TV and Netflix are not just limited to the mobile devices. Both the services can be accessed on any device that supports HD streaming, and both the services offer Full HD streaming options.

Support For Mobile

Both the services can be accessed on Android and iOS powered devices. Users just need to sign in to their account from their smartphones and access their favorite programming online.

Original TV Shows

Original shows that are shown on television are also made available on both the live streaming services. Users can watch original TV shows without any disruptions on both Netflix and Sling TV.

Content Download

Both the services do not allow the subscribers to download videos. In fact, you will not be able to download any content from Netflix or Sling TV, including On Demand content.


Original Movies

Best Streaming Service

Many of use prefer to watch original movies in our leisure time. At this point, Netflix is the service that holds the upper hand with offering original movies.

Premium Movies

Many of the movies will be made available On Demand and this feature is available only in Netflix. Sling does not offer premium movies to their users, so the users will have to satisfy themselves with the programming on the TV channels included in the pack.

4K Streaming

Both the services support devices that has display resolution below 4K pixels, but users of Sling TV will not be able to stream content in 4K resolution devices. Netflix, on the other hand, supports 4K devices.

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