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02 May

Tips For Buying A Future-Proof TV

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Buying a TV these days takes a lot of deliberation if you don’t want to be underequipped when a new technology hits. The stakes are simply too high, and at the worst, you could end up with a huge screen of obsolete display format. The right way to go about things is to choose something that is substantially future-proof, so you do not regret the decision.

When To Buy

People usually think the best time to buy is when sales are high, normally around the holidays or right after. Nevertheless, as it turns out, this is not a really smart move, because the deals normally cover only specific, lower-end models. It is important to know that whatever you get will be a lot cheaper within half a year. It is good to wait until Amazon drops the price to your budget range.

There is going to be a significant shift in widespread viewing formats, and even with that is, it is possible to buy a TV set today that does not drag your viewing experience down by 2020. Just pay attention to a few key factors and you will do fine.

4K: It Is Worth Bothering About?

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Many would say yes, and I am one of them. 4K is basically a format that displays 4 times as many pixels on the same screen. That means you get a crisper, clearer, and subsequently more realistic picture. The upgrades happen every few years. The last of those we had was the move from 720p to 1080p. But with 4k, there isn’t too much video content out there, and no prizes for guessing why.

Content data simply takes up too much space, and DirecTV still has only three channels dedicated to this type of the programming content. Besides that, you also have Network on-demand films and some fringe streaming services, like UltraFlix spouting 4K video content.

Still there are two reasons to get a 4K TV at this time, the first being that over the next few years, this will probably be the norm in digital TV broadcasting. The other, is that there is not any better way than this right now, to future-proof your TV purchase. If you want the best out there, this is it. As for now, keep in mind that the bigger the TV you buy, the more fully a 4K experience can be enjoyed in your living room.

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