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24 Feb

Top Useful Phone Apps For Satellite TV Customers

Dish Network

Dish Anywhere App

Home integration has never been as complete as it is these days. There are plenty of mobile apps that help you get the most value out of your satellite TV service. The only requirement for being to use them is that you have a high-speed internet connection. These apps let you engage more deeply with the services you are availing.


The Dish Anywhere app lets you watch Dish Network content while on the move. It also allows using an iPhone to access your DVR, watch live TV, and stream On Demand content. If you have a version of the Hopper DVR with Sling technology in it, it is also possible to download recordings from the DVR. The iPhone also functions as your TV remote. Filtering Dish Network content for kids is also easier, using the Dish Anywhere™ Kids Profile feature.


DirecTV services have long moved past their dependence on a home television set. Take the DirecTV Phone App for instance – it lets you watch on-demand shows, movies, and live TV on a mobile device. You can also control the TV from your phone or tablet, set the DVR to record shows, or send a show from the phone to the TV. The DirecTV Kids App uses child-friendly features to allow only age-appropriate content. The NFL Sunday Ticket app lets you watch live games and receive live highlights.

Satellite Dish Finder

Dish Network Channel List

Watching TV On The Go

This app uses the GPS and magnetic sensors in your phone to pinpoint satellites for the bets reception. It handles all the math and tell you the ideal antenna alignment for a strong signal. You can create custom points of interest and set a preference for satellite. Satellite Dish Finder tells you if trees or posts are messing up your signal.

Dish Align

Ever had your satellite dish falling out of alignment and wrecking service mid-game? The Dish Align app lets you fix this, using a built-in compass, and the specified information on the location of your dish, and requested satellite. This app is so good at telling you how to place the dish, that even satellite technicians use it when installing a new connection.

TV Forecast

It is not too useful knowing what show is on now, but what about the upcoming ones? TV Forecast gives episode listings for upcoming and past episodes of programs, and features pop-up notifications, email reminders, and the option to bookmark your spot in a TV series.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone