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05 Jul

AT&T Finishes Acquisition Of QuickPlay Video Streaming

DirecTV Choice Package

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Recently, AT&T has finished buyout of QuickPlay Media, which is a leading digital streaming platform. This acquisition was disclosed by AT&T in May, but the financial terms of acquisition was not disclosed then. This deal is mainly aimed to increase the internet video streaming capabilities of the company, as streaming services is an area where the company is not much active.

AT&T was making use of the QuickPlay service to deliver video for U-Verse TV earlier. Now, the service will be used to deliver content to three new DirecTV streaming packs. These packs will be introduced by the end of the year. AT&T also announced that they plan to offer DirecTV satellite TV on the internet, without the need for a set top box or an annual subscription.


Video Streaming

The benefit is that the users can stream DirecTV videos over an internet connection, regardless of the device used or the service provider. AT&T is planning to offer three video plans from full package to streamlined bundle subscriptions.

DirecTV Now is a package that offers live channels and on-demand shows. Other packages are DirecTV Mobile and DirecTV Preview. DirecTV Mobile is exclusively for the smart phone users and DirecTV Preview is a free advertisement supported service that is specially designed to attract teenagers. With this acquisition, AT&T plans to get the 350 employees and contractors of QuickPlay and improve their managed platform services.

After the acquisition, QuickPlay will serve other providers like Rogers Communications Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, BCE Inc, as well as HOOQ, which is a joint venture between Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and Singtel group. AT&T was missing the internet-based opportunities before the deal. It is expected, however, that the integration of QuickPlay will help to generate more revenue for AT&T.

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