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29 Apr

AT&T Says The DirecTV Merger Boosted Revenue

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Services

AT&T just came out with figures on service adoption, and it seems DirecTV has been doing well this year. The first quarter saw a net of 328,000 subscriber to the popular satellite casting service, and compared to the 60,000 net additions seen last year, this is a significant step up. Meanwhile, the UVerse service hasn’t been faring so well, and in fact has lost around 382,000 subscribers in the first quarter, even at a time when the company is trying to get leaving customers to switch to DirecTV instead. This time, executives from AT&T made some announcements regarding developments since the merger with DirecTV.

Their Revenue Has Increased From The Acquisition

Comparable revenue analysis shows that consumer profit came up three percent during the first quarter, with the company saying that this is coming from DirecTV subs as well as increased broadband sales, with the latter having a lot to do with bundled data plans. While three percent probably isn’t the figure they were trying to reach, it’s still a big help in mitigating UVerse sub losses.

Three New DIRECTV Streaming Services Are Set To Launch In Fall

You’ve probably heard about this: DirecTV is set to foray into the streaming arena with three new packages that don’t require an existing subscription. Lineup being the same, you won’t however be needing a Dish to watch one of these, and executives at AT&T say all three will be out by fall. The company is still getting programmers on board with permission to sell their channels online. There has been no statement about any extra charges for the online service version.

Streaming Services Will Be Aimed At For Cord-Nerves

Dish Vs DirecTV

Online Streaming

There’s a portion of the consumer population that’s called cord-nerves, which is mainly those people that haven’t ever tried a pay-TV subscription service. Many company officials say the number of these people out there runs to 20 million. This is a crowd the company hasn’t focused on before, and according to the provider, are “customers who generally want a subscription video product in their home, with three or four televisions connected”.

AT&T will be trying to peddle DirecTV to a whole new crowd this time, and a big part of those will be the millennial generation. It’s not the only company to be trying it with an attractive streaming service though – Dish is already supporting 4k Netflix streaming.

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