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12 Apr

AT&T To Make DirecTV Packages More Attractive To Public

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Services

AT&T, the telecom giant who now owns DirecTV, has announced that it would offer two-year guaranteed pricing for its customers. This special offer is for customers who bundle a new DirecTV subscription with AT&T services.

AT&T thinks that this offer will attract more people to switch to DirecTV services. The decision to offer guaranteed two-year pricing was announced last week. The customers who currently subscribe to any of the AT&T services like wireless internet or home phone can combine it with new DirecTV subscription and secure this attractive offer.

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Bundle Deals

Those customers who switch to DirecTV services as part of the new plan will have to pay a standard $50 per month for DirecTV packages. All DirecTV deals such as DirecTV Choice package, DirecTV Family package, etc., are incorporated into this new plan. By bundling their DirecTV packages with AT&T home internet services, customers can get speeds up to 6 Mbps. For this, all they are required to pay is an additional $30 per month.

The plans were made available from last Thursday onwards. According to experts, it is one of the best ways for a customer to keep monthly budget on television unchanged at least for a period of two years. In the current economic scenario where inflation is quite common, this new deal is definitely going to attract many new customers to DirecTV services.

When you subscribe to new DirecTV packages through two-year lock in price deal, you will get up to four TV receivers. If you were bundling DirecTV service with Internet, you would get a Wi-Fi gateway as well. For those who combine both services into a single bill will become eligible for unlimited internet as well. At the moment, the maximum that a user can get from their home internet plan is just 250 GB per month. Through the newly introduced bundle deal, the customers get a rare opportunity to avail unlimited internet deals.

According to the reports, AT&T has spent more than $49 billion in order to acquire DirecTV last year. The company seems to have a clear objective of monopolizing the triple play deal market. Ever since the acquisition, the value of AT&T shares has gone up. Even the customers who never thought of making a switch are now seriously thinking about buying AT&T bundle deals.

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