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23 Sep

Betsy Francis Confirms AT&T’s Plans To Expand Their GigaPower Service

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The iPhone launch day was a dream come true for Betsy Francis who now holds the position of Vice President/General Manager of AT&T Mobility. Francis has done an extremely incredible job to reach this position from a wireless phone seller. She said, “It’s pretty crowded,” from AT&T’s Crossroads Cary retail location when asked about the iPhone launch day.

“This is a busy store for us anyway, so we have about 18 sales reps and everybody is busy. We’ve got a good rhythm. We’re pretty skilled at these launches now and we have a pretty good system for [managing] the traffic and keeping the hype up,” Francis said.

She also added that AT&T considers Triangle as a target market, as they are battling for a bigger bite of wireless business. This is the second time Francis is visiting the Triangle. She said that she is planning to spend at least one day per month at the Triangle.

Reports indicate that Francis is currently evaluating AT&T’s strategies in the Triangle region. She also admitted that Triangle is one of the major competitive markets for AT&T, as other major companies are investing heavily in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh areas.

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“We want to lead in wireless and entertainment and, in order to do so, we need to be properly positioned with our distribution channels. We have a whole strategy around rationalizing the distribution in the Triangle, to make sure everywhere customers live, work and play that we’re present, where customers can experience our products,” she said.

Francis further added that they might expand into new retail locations in the near future. “There’s a tremendous amount of growth here. There’s so much growth in apartments, in single-family homes,” she said, while looking at the construction sites at this region.

Francis also stated that AT&T is planning to expand their high-speed Internet service, popularly known as GigaPower in these regions. GigaPower service from AT&T began at Triangle in the year 2014 and gradually expanded to Charlotte by the year 2015.

She also ensured that GigaPower service expansion would continue to prevail despite the increased market pressure. “This is a very important market for us, so we’ll keep up with where the trends are going.”

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