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07 Jul

Bon Jovi Ad On DirecTV Grabs More Attention

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The news is out now. The commercials ‘Turn Back Time’ by Jon Bon Jovi are a hit and it was at the eighth spot at the AdWeek’s Lost Remote column for digital share of voice. This was released after tracking online views and social actions that are connected to all the advertisements.

In the commercial, Bon Jovi appears in front of a couple who just missed their favorite show, and sings about re-watching the movies and shows the DirecTV way. In the ad, Bon Jovi also suggests some other benefits of reversing time, like what could you have done if you had some ‘time’. These commercials are hot topic of discussion in the social media.

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“I wish someone would look at me the way Jon Bon Jovi looks at me at the end of those DirecTV ‘Turn Back Time’ commercials,” tweeted TV writer Gary Whitta of The Book of Eli and The Walking Dead fame.

The first ‘Turn Back Time’ spot draw the anger of some people though, as they misinterpreted the time reversing theme to avoid having a second child pun as treating “children as disposable rather than valuable.”

“Wishing that you could go back in time and get rid of a child because he colors on the walls sends the same type of unrealistic message that the abortion industry does,” reads the LifeNews article by Micaiah Bilger.

A third commercial was released recently, where three male friends sit upset in the living room, as they missed their favorite show. Bon Jovi appears in front of them, again, and sings about the praises of not quitting the gym and the likes. No matter what, these commercials are a hit, and have surely drawn more attention to sign up for the DirecTV packages. These commercials are viral in the social media networks and many discussions are taking place in the online forums about the ads.

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