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15 Jun

Two Year Price Guarantee Of DirecTV | 1-855-823-4093

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AT&T recently launched a two-year price guarantee for many DirecTV packages as well as AT&T Internet and voice services. Users many find this offer much intriguing, but it has many catches; the first one being the offer availability, which is only for new subscribers.

New AT&T subscribers can lock the DirecTV Select package for $49.99 a month for 2 years. But for this, they will need to add AT&T Internet, Voice or Wireless services as well. In addition, the monthly equipment charge for four receivers is also included in the 2-year price guarantee.

DirecTV Select Package

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To understand the second catch, you will need to do some math. As per the recent reports, DirecTV Select package (that has 145 channels, excluding ESPN) is available for $51.99, offering a savings of 2 dollars per month for the subscribers. A user can lock this price for two years. But if you visit the official website of the company, you can see that the DirecTV Select package is offered at $19.99 a month, as part of a special one year promotion for new subscribers. This special price of $19.99 is applicable for the first year and regular prices apply for the second year.

Now you will need to do the math. If you go for the $19.99 option, you would pay 864 dollars for the DirecTV Select package over the two years ($20 x 24 months plus $624 in the second year, if the prices do not go up). But for the new two year price guarantee plan, you would need to pay more than 1200 dollars ($51.99 x 24 months) for two years. This is 300 dollars more than special price plan.

It is true that the subscription charges will be locked for 2-year and the device charges are covered in the price guarantee plan, but it seems that the special $19.99 dollars pack will be a better plan over the course of two years. Yet again, for advanced internet users, the 2-year price lock is better, as they get AT&T Internet in the package as well.

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