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28 Jul

Crescent Heights Choose DirecTV For Their Ten Thousand Project


DirecTV At Ten Thousand

Developer Crescent Heights® has chosen Bel Air Internet and DirecTV services as the exclusive providers for internet and TV programming for their most-awaited residential building project, Ten Thousand.

Ten Thousand, which is located at the edge of Beverly Hills and Century City, would be one of the most highly innovative luxury residential buildings in Los Angeles. This spectacular building would contain two and three bedroom residences, each of which would be furnished with Bel Air internet and DirecTV packages.

Technology was considered as a huge priority by developer Crescent Heights® while developing this latest venture. Terry Koosed, founder of Bel Air Internet called the building “the most technologically seamless building in the entire city, if not the country.” With lifestyle-enhancing services and five-star resort amenities, the building offers are undoubtedly the highlight of this building.

The future residents of Ten Thousand will gain access to their own personal, private, and individual Wi-Fi network, which will be available to them throughout the property. They can use it for different purposes from anywhere within the building.

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Packages

“The entire process is designed to be seamlessly integrated for residents. Instead of waiting for a technician to come and install equipment, residents at Ten Thousand will be able to access their personal Internet portal the instant they move in, onboard all their devices within moments and access their own personal Wi-Fi network from any of their devices across the property. This is a unique convenience as residents will not be restricted to using communal Wi-Fi in common areas, as is the case in every other building in Los Angeles,” said Michelle Norris, the head of business development for Bel Air Internet.

Koosed states that the building is “blanketed in Wi-Fi” and the technological facilities enabled in the building would limit neighborhood Wi-Fi routers to improve user experience. Furthermore, all other technological Wi-Fi interference tools would also be taken care of, which ensures that the user will have unlimited access to high-speed internet always. In addition to that, the presence of the designated technology concierge onsite will assist the residents in connecting their home entertainment systems and personal digital devices.

Bel Air Internet would also offer proactive support of these systems by using real-time remote updates. “If we notice a lot of bandwidth getting used in one area of the building, perhaps from a resident downloading several HD films, we can adjust the system so that speeds remain uncompromised for other residents,” Koosed added.

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