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26 Apr

Did You Know You Could View Recent Search Logs With DirecTV?


DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Search Feature

When comparing Dish vs DirecTV, there are a lot of features to consider before settling for either provider. Both offer top-notch service, making them the leading satellite broadcasters in the nation. Also, both are far ahead of the competition in various aspects. Two things to prove that: leading number of subscriptions, and features offered.

DirecTV has undergone lots of changes over the past year alone, and have some of the most stunning features ever seen in a digital TV service. Problem is, not all users know of them, and the most that people get around to is the lineup. You see plenty of people comparing the DirecTV Select package with DirecTV Choice and DirecTV Ultimate based on the number of channels and HD, but it’s still fairly rare for someone to check out the service features. One of these is the useful ‘Search’ option.

Advanced ‘Search’ Feature

You’re probably aware of the search option that lets you search for movies, actors, sports teams and other stuff. Meanwhile DirecTV also lets you store any search logs and then easily access that listing. It’s a rather simple feature too.

Other Features

Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV Channels

Recent search options are available if you’re using a DVR or SD receiver, and you can get it up by pressing the menu button on the remote and hitting the ‘Search for Shows’ button. This brings up a list of entries from which you need to pick ‘Recent Searches’. Move down these entries to search for the names of actors, topics, times, etc. After finding what you’ve been searching for, choose that and let the information be displayed. Then you can decide whether this is what you want to watch after all, and if not, go back and move on to the next entry in the list.

The recent search logs aren’t exactly a unique feature in DirecTV. Other providers such as Dish Network offer the same thing. You can get more details on DirecTV subscription packages online. As for addressing any issues you may have stumbled into, use the customer support service to get more insights which will help you make a choice. Make sure you know what charges are overall, unless you want to be served an additional bill.

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