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23 Dec

DirecTV Expands 4K Offering To More Users


DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV is planning to be a game changer by offering their subscribers access to three 4K resolution channels. Representatives from the company said that users who have the DirecTV Select package would now be able to watch the 4K channels. This would be the channel number 106 that airs selected NBA, Notre Dame, and MLB football games, as well as some of the golf tournaments in 4K resolution, which is considered the next phase of HD.

The other two 4K channels that are included in DirecTV packages are a general entertainment channel and a pay per view channel. The DirecTV Select package offers 145 channels for a price of fifty dollars per month. This package is one of the most affordable packages offered by DirecTV other than the DirecTV Family package. Subscribers of the Ultimate and Premier plans, which are the higher priced packages from DirecTV, already have access to the 4K channels.

If you need to watch 4K programming, you will need an HR54 Genie HD DVR, a television that supports 4K resolution video. You will also have to contact a technician from DirecTV to install the Genie system. This means that more of the DirecTV subscribers will now be able to watch their favorite games and sports in 4K resolution if they have the proper equipment.


HR54 Genie HD DVR

As they have did with High Definition programming in the last decade, DirecTV is now trying to make a push into the latest phase of HD with programming in 4K resolution. It is true that users need to have a television that supports 4K resolution video to watch these channels, but with more and more users buying TVs that support 4K, they will go searching for programming that is available in 4K resolution. AT&T and DirecTV hope that their 4K offering will be enough to make their users upgrade television sets to support 4K programming to watch live sports.

It is all about introducing the latest technology to stand out from the other pay TV providers. AT&T has also introduced the DirecTV Now service recently to attract cord cutters and cord nevers, and by offering programming in 4K resolution to more and more of their users, the Telco giant is hoping to lure even more users to their services.

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