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21 Apr

DirecTV Gets 2 Energy Star® Awards This Year For EPA

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Sustained Excellence Award

The EPA recently announced that DirecTV is getting the 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award. The award recognizes the provider’s continued excellence in environment protection through the adoption and use of energy efficient methods. Also, the EPA gave DirecTV the 2016 ENERGY STAR Climate Communicator Award, which stands for outstanding efforts to elevate the issue of climate change.

DirecTV has garnered praise for its work with Discovery Education in hosting a virtual event to celebrate National ENERGY STAR Day, which was held in October. EPA admin, Gina McCarthy addressed more than 16,000 students about the benefits of having ENERGY STAR, and the effects of energy efficiency on the environment. The program and event can be made available to students using a video of the event. In addition, DirecTV is being noticed for its constant commitment to the innovation of set-top box technology.

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Delivering what customers want has gone hand in hand with achieving peak energy efficiency. Over 10 million subscribers were ENERGY STAR receivers in 2015, which means millions of dollars in energy savings. DirecTV has also introduced improvements in its energy-saving whole-home DVR solution, the culmination of which is highly acclaimed Genie DVR, the latest model bringing one-third more efficiency than the previous.

The company says that “ENERGY STAR certified set-top boxes are making an impact”, and added that integrating DIRECTV’s product planning with that of AT&T gives them hope for future successes. AT&T Senior Vice President, Charlene Lake said, “As AT&T and DIRECTV come together, we’re creating even stronger environmental initiatives.” She said the recognition from ENERGY STAR is an honor, and that the company is looking forward to working with the program to devise energy efficient products, adding that it “ultimately creates a better future for us all.”

Before and during the acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T in July last year, the former was named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for 3 years running. The Sustained Excellence Award this year is in recognition of this ongoing leadership.

AT&T services millions around the world by allowing them to connect with leading entertainment, mobile, high-speed internet, and voice services. This is the world’s largest pay-TV provider, with customers stateside as well as in 11 Latin American countries. Businesses worldwide continue to benefit from AT&T’s mobility and highly secure cloud solutions.

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