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11 Nov

DirecTV Glitch Causes Blackout Of Fox And CNN News


DirecTV Outage

There was an outage in DirecTV services last week and as a result of it, subscribers were unable to watch Fox News and CNN news for some time. DirecTV said that a glitch that affected the HD set top boxes was the cause of eight channels, which included CNN and Fox News, going dark across their pay-TV footprint. However, some of the customers took on the DirecTV message boards to suggest that the blackout issue has some other hidden causes.

“What happened to Fox News. This is the only News source in my household and I’m very aggravated that it is being censored! Please provide an explanation why the only conservative news source is in ‘Technical Difficulty’. If it’s being censored I will discontinue my service,” a customer wrote on the DTV USA Forum page.

DirecTV Choice Package

Channel Blackouts

According to another user, “Fox News is intentionally blacked out for the second day in a row by dishonest DirecTV employees. It’s no coincidence that this happens TWICE in the week before the election — when it hasn’t happened in at least a year prior, if ever. Hey DirecTV, we are not stupid (but apparently you are).”

Technicians at AT&T said that the glitch affected eight channels and access to BBC World News, Fusion, Comedy Central, Ovation, and NBC Sports were lost due to the technical issues. Nevertheless, the MSNBC Network was not affected by the technical glitch, and neither was the standard definition channel of Fox News.

“With the exception of Fusion and BBC World News, we continued to provide the standard definition (SD) versions of these channels to our customers. We proactively reached out to customers via social and online channels to help ensure that they understood how to view the content,” AT&T said explaining the blackout. “The HD versions of these channels for most customers were back online early Friday afternoon CT. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

AT&T was able to fix the glitch and the High Definition version of the channels for most of the subscribers was back online within hours.

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