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23 Aug

DirecTV IBEW Workers In AT&T Ratified Two Labor Contracts

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Labor Contracts

AT&T employees who are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) have shown their interest to approve two new labor contracts. These new labor contracts are aimed at covering former DirecTV employees in fourteen states.

This marks the close of another union negotiation between AT&T and DirecTV employees. In the month of July, AT&T and IBEW worked out two agreements for the employees of DirecTV. Both of these contracts focuses on salary, pension, health coverage, work rules, and is the first of its type with this employee group.

One of these agreements covers more than 1,600 employees in AT&T’s field service group, located in fourteen states of the nation. The second agreement covers about 1,300 AT&T employees who are currently working in call centers located in Boise, and Missoula.

Former DirecTV employees, who were covered under the contract, started their career with AT&T after they acquired DirecTV back in July 2015. Experts say that signing this deal with the DirecTV employees is very important for AT&T, as they are planning to expand DirecTV service to attract more users.


AT&T Deals

AT&T has made much progress in their negotiations with union workforce and made new contracts. In the month of April, employees who are represented by Communications Workers of America (CWA) voted to approve a labor agreement to cover more than 9,400 AT&T Mobility employees in Southwest region.

Earlier, members of CWA made a contract with AT&T Southeast wire line operations workers, AT&T Billing Southeast, and Southeast Utility Operations, which totaled to about 24,000 employees. However, the case with the internet employees that are represented by CWA is different. These employees are proving to be a hard shell for AT&T. The employees voted to authorize a strike in case a new contract cannot be worked out.

AT&T is still confident that they can negotiate to work out an agreement. As per latest reports, this particular contract includes more than 1,200 employees and this forms just less than one-half of one percent of the total employees of AT&T.

AT&T began negotiating new agreement in June, and said that a strike vote is not unexpected and that they will work out the differences.

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