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10 Feb

DirecTV Installation – Frequently Asked Questions

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Installation

Have you decided to switch from your cable provider to DirecTV? Well, it is brilliant decision. DirecTV is the most popular satellite television service provider in America. It has the most attractive packages and deals among all other satellite service providers.

Getting started with DirecTV subscription is simple. You can get it installed and start watching the programs right way. There is no delay at all. Nonetheless, you may have some questions about installing DirecTV at home. Here are some FAQs about DirecTV installation.

How To Install DirecTV

DirecTV offers professional installation services to new customers at an affordable rate. These technicians have a good knowledge about the technical aspects of the product. In addition to helping you install the device, they can clarify all your technical concerns.

How To Arrange A Professional Installation

It depends how you purchase your DirecTV. If you purchase it online, you can arrange for the installation online. You just have to specify the time and date when you wish to have the installation done. On the contrary, if you are purchasing your product from a local retailer, they would arrange the installation for you upon your request.

How To Reschedule Installation

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Customer Support

If you decide to have your DirecTV installed on a different date or time after making the first arrangement online, you can reschedule it. However, you need to arrange for the rescheduling immediately.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Equipments Delivered And Installed

If you purchase your DirecTV from a local retailer, you would get the equipments right away. Usually, the retailer would arrange a technician to install your product. If you ordered your product online, you should get the equipments delivered at your door within 24 to 48 hours. You should be able make the arrangement for the installation immediately after your product is delivered to you.

What Are The Equipments Needed To Use DirecTV Choice Package?

The usual contents in the DirecTV order include a set-top box, a remote controller and a dish. Just subscribe to any one of the DirecTV packages as per your needs and start viewing the channels on your TV. However, you would need a latest model DirecTV Plus DVR for digital recording. Also, it needs to be connected to a phone line.

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