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04 May

DirecTV Just Added Live NFL Streaming To Base Sunday Ticket Package

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One of the main downsides of streaming live-stream NFL games has been the high price. Dishing out $350 every season got you the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Max package, which guaranteed live out-of-market games thanks to DirecTV holding exclusive coverage rights. Of course, to be able to use streaming privileges you needed an existing satellite subscription.

What is different this season: Along with Thursday Night Football games live streaming on Twitter, you also get lower-priced plans which allow watching games inside Sunday Ticket package. This is not exactly a streaming plan that works for everybody though, and you would need to type in the service username and password to start streaming games. That is your best way of watching the Titans-Texans on a tablet, and keeping the price low.


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DirecTV and the NFL just announced that the entirety of out-of-market games would be covered in the basic NFL Sunday Ticket package for the 2016-2017 season. Prices for these will change every year, with the base package normally bringing around a 100 dollars in savings, at least from Sunday Ticket Max. Last season’s pricing for the packages were $250 for the lower, and $350 for the Max package.

There has been much higher demand for streaming services, and so the move for NFL coverage to streaming isn’t too surprising. An AT&T/DirecTV press release mentioned that live streaming of NFL games went up 35 percent the past season, even though the packages in question were expensive, or hard to get.

While $250 is somewhat expensive, it is far better than what you would pay over the course of a season, and a lot less than what it would cost you at the local sports bar. Even the Max package costs less than that, and at least it brings a few other things as well, such as the ADD-friendly RedZone channel (quad-box!), the game-condensing Short Cuts videos, and a fantasy-football channel. Plus, there is always the option to have friends pitch in so you can have your own sport bar in the living room.

This move by DirecTV will at least bring customers over to the streaming side, and draw in fans who will pay extra just to be able to watch football on their mobile phones. The catch? Be ready to lose the Red Zone Channel.

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