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03 Mar

DirecTV Kids’ App Offer Safe Viewing Space For Children

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As the best satellite television service provider, DirecTV always attempts make its services more acceptable for everyone in the family. With cable TV or other satellite services, the parents are always concerned about the level of exposure children get to adult contents. However, DirecTV seems to have a better solution to deal with such issues.

With DirecTV, there is no need to set up parental controls. DirecTV has introduced their Kids’ app, which offers hundreds of popular children’s shows. These shows are offered hundred percent free of cost. You can access these shows at anytime from anywhere.

The DirecTV Kids’ app is designed for children between 5 and 10. The app helps your children to watch age-appropriate content. With this app, you will get kids-friendly movies, reality shows, cartoons and other programs. The app has already become popular among parents and children. It compiles programs from multiple television channels such as STARZ, HBO, Nickelodeon, Sprout, Cartoon Network, etc. The app is based on DirecTV Choice package.

Since its beginning, DirecTV has been taking special efforts to offer age-appropriate content to its subscribers. To ensure this, it has been making use of its ally with the Common Sense Media. It is said that these associations would help the satellite giant to offer better services to the customers through the Kids’ app.


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Common Sense Media has a good reputation among the parents for its effort to offer trustworthy, informative and enriching content for the education of children, educators, and parents. Its tie up with the satellite giant DirecTV would sure be progressive step.

In today’s scenario, there is no restriction for one to get exposed to desired and undesired data. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are common and everyone in the family has access to them. Parents are responsible to ensure that their kids are not exposed to inappropriate content. This is where the relevance of DirecTV Kids’ app lies.

The app features hundreds of children’s programs. It totally engages the children and gives them no chance to think about anything else. In short, you don’t have to monitor your children when they are with the DirecTV Kids’ app. It is a brilliantly designed app, and is updated frequently with bug fixes. It helps stream programs instantaneously.

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