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16 May

DirecTV Now Offering Free Amazon Fire Stick With One Month Subscription

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The skinny bundle market is getting more and more competitive with the release of the latest offerings from Hulu and CBS. Hulu has recently launched a beta version of their ‘Hulu with Live TV’ offer, where CBS has launched their ‘All Access Showtime’ skinny bundles. Both these offering, which make use of cheap internet, are aimed at the cord cutters mainly, but are steaming up the market competition as well.

The release of more and more streaming services by the different competitors has made the streaming service market more crowded and competitive for many of the best internet providers of the country. In line of that, AT&T has also come up with an interesting offer for any user who is planning to become a cord cutter in the near future.

AT&T announced that new subscribers to the DirecTV Now service would be offered a free Amazon Fire TV Stick while pre-paying for one-month subscription fee for the internet based streaming service. The Amazon Fire TV stick is offered with the Alexa Voice Remote. The basic package of DirecTV Now is available for just thirty-five dollars a month and if a subscriber stops the subscription to the service after the first month, he or she can get the Fire TV Stick device for a discounted price.

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DirecTV Now Offerings

AT&T offered a similar deal when they first launched the DirecTV Now service in 2016. It is true that the five dollars off is not much a big deal, but you should not forget that you are also getting the DirecTV Now service for a month. The basic package from DirecTV Now, Live A Little, features channels like Cartoon Network, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, FX, and FS1. In addition to that, DirecTV Now offers three other packages that are higher priced than the basic package and offer more content. In addition, they also offer some add-ons for additional charges like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax.

Experts claim that the Fire TV Stick with the Alexa Voice remote is a nice and efficient streaming device. However, some of the users claim that the device is not quite handy as the Chromecast device from Google that allows users to send content from their smartphone to the television set. However, if you were looking for a cheap way to have access to streaming services and online content in your living room, then DirecTV Now could be a great choice.

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