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14 Jun

DirecTV Offers 220 Channels Preview

DirecTV Family Package

XTRA Service Pack

There is good news for the customers of DirecTV services. They are currently offering a free preview of the XTRA service pack. This pack contains more than 220 channels and the best part is that many of these channels are in HD. The DirecTV XTRA package includes almost 45 more channels than DirecTV CHOICE package and 75 channels more than the DirecTV SELECT package.

The popular HD channels that are not available in the other lower DirecTV packages are National Geographic WILD HD, Golf Channel HD, FXX HD, DIY Network HD, FYI HD, and NBA TV HD. There are many packages for the DirecTV services and the XTRA package is the most popular service plan of the network. This package is available for a monthly subscription charge of $81.99. Note that this rate does not include the charges for the special equipments or DVR or the HD services.

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Offers

DirecTV services are planning to rearrange some of their channel locations. As per the latest news, IFC will move from channel number 564 to channel 333, VH1 Classic will move from the channel number 337 to 336, and MTV2 channel will move from 333 to channel 332.

As per the executives of DirecTV; it is hope that the offering the preview of the XTRA service pack will help to attract more and more customers to the services of DirecTV, thereby increasing the customer base of the television network. It is also reported that the customers of DirecTV and AT&T will also get the preview of HDNet Movie channels. This will be applicable for the customers of DirecTV and AT&T U-verse.

In the preview period, users can watch a Star Trek movie marathon and a triple feature of Stephen King film adaptations. In DirecTV, users can find the HD movies in channel number 556 (DirecTV) and channel number 1107 (U-verse).

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