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05 Mar

DirecTV Offers And The Terms And Conditions To Remember

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Special Deals

DirecTV has a large customer base now in America. According to the recent reports, more people are migrating to DirecTV subscription after AT&T acquired it. The acquisition seems to have helped DirecTV improve its credibility among the customer base. Well, if you are a DirecTV subscriber or if you are planning to subscribe DirecTV in future, it is a good idea to have a general idea about their policies and terms and conditions.

Base Package Offers

There are numerous DirecTV packages ranging from Select to Premium. Although you can avail these packages at the advertised rate, you may be charged more in certain markets, for certain packages. Usually the extra fee is charged for packages starting from DirecTV Select package and above.

The additional charge is collected as regional sports fee. Similarly, not all packages are available throughout all regions. It is therefore a good idea to talk with the customer support desk and discuss about your concerns. When you contact them, tell them your zip code so that they can check in their database and provide you with accurate information.

2016 NFL Sunday Ticket Offer

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Upgrade Offers

One of the unique features DirecTV packages offer and others don’t is the NFL Sunday Ticket. However, the offer is subject to terms and conditions. If your DirecTV Family package gives you this offer, you would able to watch all live out-of market NFL games broadcasted through either CBS or Fox. However, it depends on your service address. If you wished to watch the games remotely, it would depend on your device and the location.

The prices for 2016 NFL Sunday Ticket regular full-season and 2016 NFL Sunday Ticket Max regular full-season are $257.94 and $359.94 respectively. You will get this offer for free if you have subscribed to DirecTV Choice package or above. If you have enabled auto-renewal for your subscription and don’t change or downgrade your subscription to a package below DirecTV Choice package, you would continue to receive the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Special Upgrade Offer On Genie HD DVR

DirecTV offers real-time rebates on the purchase of Genie HD DVR or three Genie Mini devices. However, this offer varies depending on which of the DirecTV packages you have subscribed for and your location. So it is better to contact the customer support desk to clarify your concerns about the same.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone