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11 Apr

DirecTV Plans To Start Broadcasting 50 4K Channels In 2016

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV 4K Transmission

The satellite television giant, DirecTV has said that it would start broadcasting a minimum of 50 4K channels by the end of 2016. It is quite some time now that 4K televisions came to the market. Their prices have come down since then, and that has made 4K TVs quite popular among the people. Moreover, as DirecTV has come up to offer 4K services, Ultra HD TV viewing trend has grown even more popular in the US.

While satellite television service providers are becoming more and more serious these days to support 4K based telecasting, customers too are particular about choosing 4K displays. Nevertheless, in order to get 4K content, you have to ensure that your receiver is compatible with UHD content.

DirecTV has already introduced three 4K channels. According to sources privy to the company, they have plans to introduce more than 50 Ultra HD channels by the end of 2016. Prior to the launch of the three 4K based channels; DirecTV has already been into 4K broadcasts with its Ultra HD sports offerings.

With its 4K offerings, DirecTV has pioneered a new trend in the satellite television industry. Experts believe that other popular satellite television companies like Dish Network will also venture into this new trend sooner than later.

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV 4K Channels

DirecTV’s Solution For 4K Broadcasting

DirecTV claims to have a much advanced solution for 4K broadcasting. During a recent conference, a DirecTV spokesperson said that the company currently has the ability to transmit up to 50 new UHD channels which no other competitive companies have. In addition to that, the company has already tested sports transmissions, and they were proven effective.

DirecTV owns the hardware facilities required for the 4K transmission of channels. All these plus points would keep DirecTV much ahead in the competition among television service providers in the country.

Despite the introduction of new technologies into its channel lineup, DirecTV keeps a reasonable price tag for all its packages, which most customers find affordable. DirecTV offers convincing customer services as well. So, if you were planning to make a switchover from your existing television service provider, DirecTV would definitely be the best deal at present.

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