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16 Aug

DirecTV Services Now Available To HealthTrust Facilities At A Promotional Rate

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Service At Hospitals

HealthTrust and AT&T signed an agreement recently, which would allow over 24,000 healthcare facilities to enjoy DirecTV services at a promotional rate. This offer is available to the exclusive members of HealthTrust, and includes continuing care retirement facilities as well.

AT&T hopes that this agreement will increase the DirecTV subscribership among healthcare facilities to approximately double the subscribers they currently have now. However, a few of the healthcare facilities are already subscribed to DirecTV.

Doug Eichler, vice president of commercial DirecTV sales for AT&T said, “This is about more than just expanding access to our TV service. It is about helping the patients and residents of HealthTrust member facilities stay connected to the latest news and entertainment. DIRECTV aligns with HealthTrust’s national presence and commitment to an exceptional customer experience.”


Promotional Rate For HealthTrust

The healthcare facilities can now get access to DirecTV either in their common area or in individual rooms. The DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) package would also be available to the healthcare facilities, which consists of almost 100 HD channels including live news coverage, TV shows, sports events, and many more.

Furthermore, the DRE pack consists of select DVR options and a simple program guide to make the DirecTV service more user-friendly for healthcare facilities. The healthcare facilities who subscribe to DirecTV would also get access to major sports leagues and other important sports events from all over the world.

DirecTV services are available all over the US, and these services are available in many leading restaurants, hotels, retails, and many other enterprises in the country. Another advantage of subscribing to DirecTV is that subscribers can also access the local channels, which many of the cable TV alternatives do not provide these days.

HealthTrust services are focused on providing better healthcare to their patients. HealthTrust services are available in more than 1,400 acute care facilities in more than 26,000 locations. Ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care, physician practices, and alternate care sites are all included in HealthTrust services.

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