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20 Sep

DirecTV To Modify Ad Claims In Future


National Advertising Division

A panel of National Advertising Review Board (NARB) has recently asked DirecTV to modify their advertising about 4K content availability. NARB asked for modification to better convey the limited nature of availability, clear the price claims, change the claims about DirecTV being “wireless”, and discontinue their claim of “free upgrade to Genie HD DVR.” NARB said in a press release that DirecTV would voluntarily comply in their future ads.

Charter challenged the ad claims before the Council’s National Advertising Division and has made most of the recommendations that are upheld by NARB. The recommendations that are made by NARB, overseen by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, should not be confused for findings of wrongdoings. Charter challenged the below listed ad claims of DirecTV:

“DIRECTV has 4K, the best picture format available.”

  • “DIRECTV is wireless. So you can put your TVs anywhere without having to look at ugly wires and boxes in every room.”
  • “Say goodbye to messy cable wires and boxes. Enjoy entertainment wirelessly on every TV in your home.”
  • Advertised price of $19.99/month
  • “FREE upgrade” to Genie HD DVR
DirecTV Packages

Wireless Technology

NARB panel, which is the appellate unit of ad self-regulation of the council, upheld most of the recommendations of NAD, but they did not agree that the solution to the 4K advertisement should be that DirecTV had to explain the limited availability of 4K and the developing nature of 4K.

NARB said that, “reasonable consumers, who have already experienced many technological advances, including the transition from standard-definition (SD) to high-definition (HD) television, will understand the nature of developing technologies and the fact that 4K is a relatively new technology.”

NARB said DirecTV only had to “convey clearly and simply that limited programming is available in 4K.” NARB also said that DirecTV needed to make it clear that their monthly charge of 19.99 dollars was a minimum programming charge and that there are additional charges for equipments. The council also said that the “wireless” claim of DirecTV need to be explained making it clear what devices are wireless.

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