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19 Aug

Eli Manning Is Humorous In DirecTV Commercials

DirecTV Choice Package

Eli Manning On DirecTV

Eli Manning is the man who led the Giants to a victory over New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI back in 2012. Three months later, the two-time Super Bowl MVP hosted Saturday Night Live. Even after four years, both the performances are memorable.

Manning appeared this week on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, and went down the memory lane. “It was a lot of work,” Manning recalled. “A lot of work went into that whole week. I was a little nervous, but after a couple days of practice and being around that whole cast, they make you feel very comfortable.”

When asked if he was nervous before the show, he told a funny story. “I’m kind of sitting there behind that door about to walk on the set to do the introduction and say hello. The lady back there says, ‘Hey, you don’t look very nervous. A lot of people back here are really nervous.’ I said, ‘Hey, I’m just a dumb jock. I’m used to live. I do live every Sunday,’” Manning said.


DirecTV Commercials

It is notable that humor has come to Manning over the years and maybe this is the reason he has dressed up like a banana in a DirecTV commercial. In all the commercials – Football on Your Phone, Bad Comedian, and Football Cops – the New York Giants quarterback has delivered much humorous performances.

In one of the two spots, he is dressed in a banana suit and dancing on the hood of a car, and in the other one, he sings Karaoke in a club. Like the previous DirecTV commercials, this one also compares the season with NFL Sunday Ticket and without, while highlighting the ability to stream games even without a satellite connection.

These two Eli Manning commercials are the latest in NFL Sunday Ticket campaign of DirecTV. Other TV spots features Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. It is obvious that the latest work of Manning is one of his all time greatest comedic achievements.

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