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06 May

Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience With DirecTV

DIRECTV Family Package

DirecTV Packages

Ever since the invention of television in the 1920’s, people have been trying to improve TV viewing experience with great picture and sound quality. With the onset of color TVs in the 1950’s and DirecTV’s digital transmission n the 90’s, television bears little or no resemblance to its earlier form. DirecTV offers the best in technology and gives people options in quality that they would not have dreamed of years ago.

The first thing that people notice about Direct TV is the great picture quality. Both sound and picture quality are greatly enhanced and it makes TV viewing very enjoyable. If the picture quality is so high in a normal TV, imagine what it would be if DirecTV high definition programming is played on a compatible TV.

The Technology Boom

It is expected that HDTV would make home viewing similar to a theater experience very soon. How? Each HDTV has about 2 million pixels, compared to only 200,000 for a normal television, which makes the picture 10 times more detailed. And the experience is made even more amazing with digital sound quality.

DirecTV Packages

Satellite TV Options

Not only the television but also the supporting equipment has improved drastically. One example would be the DirecTV DVR. It has the ability to record up to 100 hours of programming, and can record two channels simultaneously. The DVR can also be used to pause, rewind, and replay Live television, which is truly an amazing thing to consider.

The satellite TV provider’s DVR has many other features as well, like bookmarking, interactive capabilities, and on screen caller ID. In addition, you would have advanced parental controls, which would allow you to control what your children are watching.

DirecTV not only enhances the TV viewing experience, but it also excels in the quantity of programs offered. In the Choice package they offer around 185 channels, where you get a bundle of 250 channels in the premium packages. Moreover, they have a great lineup of sports, news, and movie channels.

DirecTV also provides commercial free radio stations. Since each channel is dedicated to one type of music, everyone is sure to find something that he or she enjoys.

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