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22 Dec

Experts Say DirecTV Now Is Right On Price But Not On Service

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People who are in search of low cost alternative to the pricey pay TV services have a new option from AT&T, DirecTV Now. AT&T became the latest player to offer pay TV bundle that is streamed over the internet rather than delivering the service over satellite transmission or cable. Their DirecTV Now service joins Sling TV from Dish, PlayStation Vue from Sony, and Stream TV from Comcast.

It is true that the DirecTV Now service has some attractive features, but many of the users found the overall service disappointing and tag it as an inadequate substitute for the traditional pay TV services. Like its rivals, this service is also aimed at users who have cut the cord or have never signed up for a pay TV service. For that, DirecTV Now offers terms that are more customer-friendlier than those that users get from satellite or cable TV services.

With the DirecTV Now streaming option, users need not have to sign up long-term contracts, but they can sign up just for a month and cancel the service the next month. Users can tune in the service on smartphones or any other digital streaming devices, including Chromecast from Google and Amazon Fire TV. Moreover, you do not need to install anything to use the service either. Just download the app and sign into their corresponding account to start using the service.

Like any other internet streaming service, the quality of the video will depend on many factors like interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks and amount of traffic on the network. If you have broadband service, you will have sharp and clear video and will be able to change channels quickly.

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One of the biggest attractions of the DirecTV Now service is its low price. The base package costs just thirty-five dollars a month, which is lower than what you will find for traditional pay TV packages. Also, the package includes the ability to get all channels in high-definition.

However, the price is standalone, meaning that the users do not have to sign up for bundles of AT&T voice phone or broadband to get the DirecTV Now service. This means that you can subscribe to HughesNet or some other broadband service provider and still get the DirecTV Now service.

Experts say that DirecTV Now service has much serious shortcomings than its channel lineup. Many users complained about the missing recording feature of the service. AT&T spokesman Leland Kim said that they are planning to introduce DVR feature soon.

Another area where the DirecTV Now service comes up short is in search. Many users complained that instead of helping them to find something to watch, the search makes it more difficult. AT&T said that they would get rid of these shortcomings in the near future.

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