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08 Dec

Experts Say That DirecTV Now Is Almost The Streaming Service Of Your Dreams

DirecTV Packages

Streaming Service Of Your Dreams

Many of us genuinely wish to cut the cord, as we think that we pay too much for TV packages that are full of channels that we do not watch. Users are particularly not happy paying more than a hundred dollars a month for TV programming and they will obviously explore the alternatives.

Most users who are considering cord cutting may have come across the various streaming services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. These services offer bundles of television channels that stream over the internet and the best part is that users can stream the programs on whatever device they like. In that line, AT&T recently introduced their streaming service called DirecTV Now, and like many other streaming services, DirecTV Now also offer many tiers of service.

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Live A Little Package

The channel bundles on DirecTV Now run from 35 dollars for 60 plus channels to 70 dollars for 100 plus channels. Users also have the option to add Cinemax or HBO channels, each for an extra of five dollars a month. In addition to that, as a promotional offer, the Go Big package, which costs 60 dollars per month and offer 100 plus channels, is offered for just 35 dollars a month.

AT&T says that the 35 dollars price will be in place as long as the users have an active subscription to the service, but they also said that the offer for the Go Big package would be available only for a limited time. Besides, the base pack called Live a Little, which costs thirty-five dollars, includes most of the popular channels together with ESPN, Disney, and Fox Sports 1.

Local programming and channels are available in the select markets of DirecTV Now, where the service networks own the stations. In Dallas Fort Worth, NBC5 and Fox4 are available, although NBC 5 channel is not available on streaming boxes like Apple TV; but the channel is available on smartphones and web browsers.

KTVT (CBS channel 11) and WFAA (ABC channel 8) are not available in the DirecTV Now channel list, as different media firms own these channels. Moreover, PBS programming is also not available right now.

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