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09 May

Flexible Triple Play Packages May Bring In More Customers For AT&T

DirecTV Packages

AT&T Triple Play

AT&T has just put up guaranteed pricing for two years with its most recent major acquisition, DirecTV. This will be open to customers of DirecTV, home internet, and digital phone services. The move clearly has sights on getting a stronger foothold in the residential services market segment. In March, AT&T had said it would revamp the U-Verse home internet plans come May, as a way to boost the internet experience among home consumers.


DirecTV Family Package

Bundled TV Services

The latest triple play package has been available since April 14. For home phone users and wireless service users, the company will throw in accompanying satellite TV for a fixed price of $50 per month for two years. In the same way, DirecTV customers can also get home internet and voice services if they pay an extra lock in price of $30 per month for this same period. If you are buying the triple-play bundle, voice package price will drop to a guaranteed $9.99 for two years.

Another major TV service provider with similar triple play packs designed to draw in more customers, is Comcast. The largest cable company in the nation has also tied in with Verizon Communications Inc. (One of AT&T’s rivals) to bring the Xfinity triple play package to consumers over the latter’s wireless network.

The MLB Broadcast

AT&T has also said that it will start streaming MLB matches to subscribers of the DirecTV service, in the superior 4K UHD video format. No other company has ever streamed a live baseball match inside the U.S. MLB is one of the staples for sports fans across the nation, making it a smart move on the company’s part to use it to lure triple pay bundle uptake. And it seems to be working.

AT&T is currently the largest pay-TV operator in the country, with competitive triple play bundle offerings that cater well to popular demand. Still, with the TV industry in the sort of upheaval it is in, there will be lots of pressures to be handled, including competition from streaming services. Outdoing those will be key to DirecTV’s long-term success.

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