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31 Oct

Local Live Streaming Of NBC And ABC Networks Will Be Available On DirecTV Now

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A recent update on the official website of DirecTV Now, the latest streaming service from AT&T, confirms that the service will allow the subscribers to access the local live streaming of NBC and ABC networks. However, the provider has also mentioned that the offer will only be available in selected markets.

There are no details about the initial channel lineup of DirecTV Now in their official website. However, the site does mention that subscribers will be able to pick add-on channels like Cinemax and HBO in select markets, and this service will offer them access to more than 10,000 On Demand TV shows and movies. AT&T has not shed any lights on which markets will receive local live feeds; however, reports indicate that this service will be initially available in NBC and ABC owned-and-operated markets.

The updates on the website also revealed that DirecTV Now would be available on a number steaming platforms including Google Cast, fourth-gen Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV box. In addition to that, subscribers can also access DirecTV streaming service on Android and iOS devices, tablets, smartphones, and even through web browsers.

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Local Live Streaming

A few days ago, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that DirecTV Now will be available at a comparatively low price of $35 a month, and will offer more than a hundred popular channels to its subscribers. The price and the number of channels offered by DirecTV Now is rumored to attract more customers to their offerings, as the package deals from other streaming services are as not good as that offered by AT&T.

The updates on DirecTV Now website also indicate that their subscribers will be able to access the streaming for seven days at zero charges. Some of the programmers, who have announced their distribution deals for this streaming platform, include Turner, A+E Networks, Scripps Networks, Discovery Communications, NBCU, and Viacom.

Dan Rayburn, principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, stated that the value of contract to each CDN partners of DirecTV Now would be approximately $850,000 per month, if the traffic at the streaming services were divided among them. “But AT&T won’t have 1M subscribers from day one and most users probably won’t watch 90 hours a month, or will watch some on mobile, which takes up far fewer bits. For the first few quarters the delivery business would only be worth about $250,000 to each CDN per month, as AT&T ramps,” he added.

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