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22 Sep

More Channels Through DirecTV App Update

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV App Update

Updating to the DirecTV iOS and Android apps will allow you to stream more TV channels at home. The only exceptions are pay-per-view, adult channels, and 4K content. You can watch your favorite, recorded shows by either streaming them directly from the DVR or offline by downloading them. Over 20,000 On-Demand titles are also available in the DirecTV app.

DirecTV app can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple’s App Store. DirecTV iOS app has been updated to the version 4.7.013 on September 7. The app weighs about 153 MB, runs on iOS 9.0 or later, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

DirecTV is also getting ready to launch streaming services that works without subscription to a satellite package. A large part of this can be accessed on mobile. AT&T has promised that if you are a wireless subscriber, then your mobile streaming won’t add up to your data cap. With that, DirecTV customers would be allowed to catch up on their favourite shows in their mobile while travelling.


More Channels

CMO of AT&T Entertainment Group, David Christopher said, “Our customers want to take their TVs with them, and our new DirecTV app allows just that. You can get the content you want, when you want it — your living room channels and your recorded content with you, anywhere you go.”

At the start of the year, AT&T also bought back unlimited data plans for DirecTV subscribers at $100 for first line and $40 per next line. However, this update has raised some concerns also. Some say that streaming without data cap for DirecTV subscribers will be against the net neutrality regime.

“We are not treating our services differently from any other data. This feature is simply our way of saying thanks to customers that purchase both video and mobility services from AT&T. Other content providers can do the same thing through our sponsored data program,” AT&T has responded.

The company also said that mobile data caps are not part of the net neutrality. Apart from AT&T, T-Mobile’s Binge On, and Verizon’s Go90 mobile video service also offers zero data usage for streaming videos. However, AT&T customers won’t be able to stream free other video services like Netflix or YouTube.

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