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10 May

NFL Sunday Ticket Only On DirecTV

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV NFL Sunday Tickets

Previously, the subscribers of NFL package had to pay little extra to upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket Max to watch the out-of-market games. But now, DirecTV and its new owner AT&T has announced that subscribers who opt for NFL Sunday Ticket will get access to all NFL games without any need for upgrade or additional purchases.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Max is an upgraded version with more features. Even those who are not interested in those extra features, but only want to spend their Sunday afternoons watching out-of-market games, can now do that with DirecTV and a basic NFL Ticket Subscription. However, you will want to continue with the NFL Sunday Ticket Max add-on, if you still want options like Red Zone, Fantasy Zone, and Short Cuts condensed game replays, etc.


Best DirecTV Packages

While the prices change every year on each Sunday ticket package, the base package helps in saving $100 compared to the NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription. The basic package is generally priced around $250 (6 monthly payments of $41.99) while the NFL Sunday Ticket Max pack is priced at about $350 (6 monthly payments of $58.99).

The reason behind the change is fairly simple. “Streaming of NFL SUNDAY TICKET exploded last year— up 35%. This further proves customers want to watch their favorite team wherever they are,” said David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Entertainment Group, in a press release. “That will grow more this year, now that every customer can enjoy live games on a second screen or on-the-go without having to pay more,” he added.

The company hopes that this new offer will boost its TV subscribers. According to a statement by Chief Financial Officer, John Stephens, “the package along with the wireless bundles and other products should help drive positive overall video customer growth by the end of the year.”

The NFL season starts on Sep 8, while NFL Sunday Ticket Max will show the live games from Sep 11.

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