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09 Sep

Online Only Packages And DirecTV App Are The Holy Grail Of Cord Cutting

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV App

Are you searching for the all in one mobile TV solution that will allow you to get rid of the old cable TV subscription? It seems that the latest DirecTV app, together with the streaming services that AT&T promises to offer, can be just the practical solution.

The latest DirecTV app allows users to watch live and recorded shows from anywhere. The app also allows users to download shows from home DVR to mobile handset to watch these shows without an internet connection. Moreover, the best part is that if you are on AT&T, DirecTV streaming will not use up your mobile data either.

AT&T had announced in March that they would launch two online packages specially aimed at the cord cutters. With the first service, DirecTV Now, the company is planning to offer a wide range of content packages. This package will feature on-demand programs and live programs from varied networks, together with premium add-on features.



Users can access the service with a wired or wireless internet connection on internet enabled devices. Those who are willing to avail the service can simply sign up for the same, download the app, and start watching their favorite shows when on the go.

The second service, DirecTV Mobile, will offer a mobile-first user experience for users who wish to watch premium video content directly on smartphones, regardless of the wireless service provider. Users can start watching their favorite videos just after the simple sign up process by downloading the app.

A DirecTV Preview package is also planned by the company, which will offer limited content with advertisements. The costs of the package is yet unknown, and AT&T has not released any details on what they plan to charge for their latest streaming service offerings.

AT&T has also not provided any details on the specific launch date of these services, except stating that the services will commence in the fourth quarter of the year.

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