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15 Feb

Solving Some DirecTV Myths

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By offering quality services and the affordable packages, DirecTV has managed to become the number one satellite television service provider in America. Nevertheless, there are people who are still not convinced about satellite TV services and its convenience. Here are the common myths about satellite services and DirecTV in general.

I Will Stop Receiving Signals

DirecTV signals are transmitted through high-powered satellites. They ensure 99% worry-free signal delivery and are reliable at all times. So you can be assured of uninterrupted entertainment throughout the day or year. DirecTV claims to have surveyed more than 99% of its customers throughout the country about the signal delivery and the reliability and all of them seem to be satisfied.

Installing DirecTV Is Too Difficult

It seems that a lot of people still believe that installing a satellite TV service is too complicated. But, it is not so. Once you order DirecTV service, the company will send a qualified staff to your home to complete the installation within an hour. He would leave your house only after ensuring that everything is all right. Moreover, DirecTV offers standard installation services for free for up to four rooms.

DirecTV Dish And Set-Top Box Are Too Expensive

DirecTV Packages

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DirecTV it offers all the equipments at an affordable rate. If you compare the total cost of the equipments and the installation charges for other services with that of DirecTV, you would realize how reasonably it is priced. DirecTV does not have any hidden charges as well. This makes things quite clear for you when migrating from cable TV.

I Will Not Get My Favourite Local Channel With DirecTV

DirecTV is generally regarded as the best satellite TV service provider in US. May be because of this reason, people think that subscribing to DirecTV won’t be good for getting local channels. Yet again, DirecTV offers most of the local channels to its customers in USA. So it is a good reason for you to upgrade from your traditional cable service to the digitalized DirecTV service.

I Won’t Get DirecTV Where I Live

DirecTV is not like other satellite service providers or cable TV providers, who have a limited area of service. It is available throughout the country. So you can go for it without any worries. Furthermore, DirecTV packages are affordable, and they have a good mix of local, national, and international channels to fulfil all your entertainment needs.

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