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20 Dec

T-Mobile Offers Free DirecTV Now Deal

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T-Mobile has been releasing many interesting deals for their users. However, experts say that T-Mobile has been rolling out offers that are never what they seem. Their free iPhone 7 and great discounts on the Pixel Android phones are a few examples. And now, they have made a new announcement.

T-Mobile has just announced their plans to win AT&T customers by offering them a free year of DirecTV Now subscription. Many experts in the field say that the DirecTV Now service is weaker than the other similar streaming services in the market though, as DirecTV Now service offers only limited content, does not have any option to record the programs, and has many technical glitches.

Moreover, the content streamed in the DirecTV Now service is limited to 480p quality. This resolution might be enough when you stream on a smartphone or a tablet, but it will not be enough when you stream media on a large monitor or television screen. The video will be blurred on large size displays owing to the low resolution.

The advantage of the service is that streamed DirecTV content will not be eating into the monthly data allotments of the new T-Mobile subscribers. If you are thinking on switching to T-Mobile, then with the new deal, this is the best time to do so. The network of T-Mobile is solid, especially in the major metro areas, and their services are generally cheaper than those offered by AT&T.

T-Mobile’s DirecTV Now Offer

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Now Offer

To get the DirecTV Now offer from T-Mobile, you need to be an AT&T subscriber, should port your existing phone number to T-Mobile, and sign up for a T-Mobile One plan for at least two different lines. The DirecTV Now plan that is included free as part of the T-Mobile offer is worth thirty-five dollars a month. The users will get this as a credit on 12 bills totaling to 420 dollars.

T-Mobile users will be getting the lowest tier of DirecTV Now service, Live a Little pack, which includes 60 channels. If you are an AT&T user, DirecTV Now will cost you thirty-five dollars a month for the base package and you can watch as much as programming as you wish on mobile devices without counting against your data cap.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone