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17 May

The Launch Of DirecTV Now On Roku Has Been Postponed

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DirecTV Launch Postponed

The online video streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, was launched in the second half of 2016, and it quickly become a popular streaming service among many customers in the US. As DirecTV Now is a budget-friendly cable TV alternative, it gained a lot of attraction among the cable cutters.

DirecTV Now is currently offering four different subscription packages or plans to their customers. The basic package from DirecTV Now is available to subscribers for just $35 a month and it offers them access to over 60 popular channels. If you are a person who has already subscribed to the best internet service, then choosing DirecTV Now’s basic pack over other streaming services will allow you to save much money.

Many experts in the field of telecommunications firmly believe that the streaming service from AT&T is the best match for Roku Setup. However, many Roku owners are still frustrated with the fact that there is no DirecTV Now channel available to Roku users. A blog post on the official website of Roku earlier confirmed that a new DirecTV Now app is in the works, and even Roku had earlier promised to deliver a channel to their customers by Q1 of the year. However, the company has miserably failed to do so.

The original blog post on the official website of Roku, which stated that “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in Q1 2017” has also been edited by the officials to “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in 2017.” The post also added that the subscription fee for DirecTV packages would be in the range of $35 and $70 a month.

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Many customers are desperately waiting for the arrival of DirecTV Now support on Roku streaming platform but the officials from the company have not yet given a specific date for the launch. The officials from the company also refused to share any insight on why the release is taking so long than expected. However, several reports claim that the technical glitches in DirecTV Now service during the initial stages of its launch may be the reason for this, even though AT&T has successfully resolved all the issues.

The parent company of DirecTV Now, AT&T, is the fastest internet provider in several regions across the country. The telecom giant has also been offering a wide variety of budget-friendly internet, cable, and home phone packages to their customers for a very long time. Having a channel on Roku for DirecTV Now would surely help them gain a lot of new customers.

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