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01 Mar

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your DVR

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Genie DVR

It is hard these days to even imagine what life would have been without the DVR. This wonderful equipment gives users the ability to pause and rewind Live TV and record shows they want to watch later. For someone who does these things on a regular basis, there may still be ways they are not getting the most out of their DVR. The latest devices can do a lot more things than we give them credit for. If you are worried you are not utilizing your equipment in the best way, here are tips to ensuring you will do it now on.

Double Check The Video Settings

Set these at their peak. With and HD TV and a DVR, it is important to make sure both are set correctly to give the best sound and picture quality. See that all cables are connected in the right way, including the HDMI cable to the HD DVR. Set the TV output to the highest setting (720p, 1080i, or 1080p). This will ensure the resolution you get is the maximum viewable when you are watching an HD channel.

Set The DVR To Record Full Seasons

It is not just individual episodes you can have the DVR record, but every episode of a series or season. This is great way to enjoy a new episode every week without having to set up recordings for each one. Find a show from the guide, and select it with your remote. From Recording Options, choose Record Series. That’s it. On top of that, there is the option to start recording before the show starts, and stop after it is over.

Connect The DVR To Mobile Devices

DirecTV Choice Package

Using An HD DVR

There are HD DVRs like DirecTV Genie, which let you watch content on a separate device, like a smartphone or tablet. This way you can be on the move and not miss your favorite show. Watch it when you get the time, but not enough to head back home.

Schedule Recordings While On The Move

Mobile apps from DirecTV allow syncing schedules with a phone or tablet. How does that help you? It lets you keep track of recordings while you are not at home, and even set the DVR to record something from your device. No more worries about forgetting to record a show.

Clear DVR Content

You can set the DVR to automatically record shows, but did you know that it is also possible to schedule content deletion? This can be set to happen after a certain time has passed since the recording, or after you have watched the video. This way, you will never run out on hard disk space to save new shows.

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